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Hostel Mango

Prague, Czech Republic

Disrespectful policy toward its customers. Repeatedly heard complaints from customers. I recived my bed at 6 am and check in is at 1 pm 17 hours later, but not before sending me to five different places where the beds were occupied by other guests, and we decided who kept the bed , while the man in the reception did nothing three floors below. A seated shower because the ceiling was too low to stand, bad design.The manager said pathetic lies and excuses, is the worst. Change manager and staff.

Central Backpack King

Budapest, Hungary

Muy buena estadia, excelente tanto el staff como los hermanos que creo son los encargados o dueƱos son muy calidos, excelente staff. Les sugiero mejorar las areas comunes para mejorar aun mas la integracion. Con gusto si vuelvo a la cuidad me quedaria de nuevo con ustedes.

Krakow Backpackers Hostel

Krakow, Poland

An employee arrived drunk to work, turn off the lights of a common area for guests thinking it was the bedroom of her home. Do not care i was trying to buy plane flights and train.Unpolite, and rude. The rest of the staff passive no attention or assistance attitude towards guests as bothered them, Without interest to make the stay more comfortable and enjoyed the city. Some had a proper treatment like as the manager, or new girl. UNCOMFORTABLE GENERAL WITHOUT SERVICES, I don,t recommend it!

One World Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Thanks for everthing to all the cool staff! Great place! Only one little suggestion improve the showers are big enought but the water go out from a hight of 1.4 mts. and it is a bit unconfortable. Anyway one of the best hostel that i visited!

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

Congratulations for your excelent Staff. The common areas could be bigger, and create more common activities.tHE MOST IMPORTANT, it is ann excellent place to stay. Good work staff!

Heart of Gold Hostel

Berlin, Germany

The wi fi never work and they lie to you.Dirty rooms, lockers broked, staff wake you up to clean the bath with high music. No personal light and no shelf in bed. Extreamly long wait to ask at the reception, the check in they do not tell nothing about hostel details, or city. Common areas design to sell beer not for integration. No kitchen, not he best actitude of some oft he staff. With more staff, and REAL wi fi could work so good. S queeze you for money not in a gentle way.

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

No enought staff but they work well. Anyway. The wi fi do not work. Faol abd fail and that destroyed my holidays because i can book train plane or organized my next destiny. I lost a lot of money and time. The chantage about facebook sucks! Only free wi fi change gor I like is really bad.

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Hi G. I\'m pretty disappointing with your rating. We\'ve been helping you a lot with your troubles to make bookings, WIFI issues (only you had troubles with it) and the staff was pretty busy helping u out and you talk about them working well but you rate them 1 (kind of opposite). There is no chantage about FB, it's just the way you want to see it, but no one ever complaint about it. Sorry for your comments but as It sounds like your personal feelings were affected by something

MEININGER Amsterdam City West

Amsterdam, Netherlands

One man of the staff is so rude unpolite and anoying that is sicotic. Oter staff great.. I do not go to recibe agression from nobody. These was the idea of lot guess abot this man. He need help. Common areas big but uncortable. Family type but not young atmosphere.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Great hotel, I RECOMMEND IT.


Extreamly noice. It was crowded of teenagers and they ran from one place to another screaming and creating the hit of the doors all night and day.Was very dificult to rest. Because the teens are spanish and italian they understand each other. It is a fact that they are a problem for the rest of the guest and the staff do not try to controlled them . Any way the automatic doors always close with a huge hit noice crated by the automatic close. In the rest the staff The rest was fine.

Saint James Backpackers

London, England

The shower are so small that you can move inside, and sometimes the pipes were stuck. The common areas are always clean, but they do not change the sheet beetween one guest and the next one and i see it more than once.Is the same with the floor in therooms,a bit dirty. Everything it is new and that help a lot. The staff is great.