Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Orange

Prague, Czech Republic

Perfect location, clean sheets and facilities, lockers are big, had fans in the room!, restaurant down stairs and did i mention the location?


Enjoyed my stay here, more of a hotel than a hostel. The staff is amazing with answers for any question

Hotel Am Nockherberg

Munich, Germany

This hotel is just that.... A hotel. That being said it is a perfect example of what you should expect from one

Generator Venice

Venice, Italy

Rooms were nice, wifi was decent and i liked being off of the main island. If you like having a ton of travelers hanging out everywhere all the time then you will like this place

Hotel Imperial

Bologna, Italy

Nice hotel, perfect atmosphere for a hotel. Bit far of a walk so don't miss the last bus. Would for sure stay again

Ciao Hostel

Florence, Italy

Ciao hostel was a perfect choice for me, it was clean and close to everything but not too close so quiet during the night. I met some amazing people at the hostel and the kitchen was perfect for saving some cash. This is perfect if you are traveling alone and you have a choice to meet and talk to whomever you wish. Would not hesitate to stay here again

Hostel Lodi

Rome, Italy

This is hands down the best hostel I have ever stayed. I had amazing conversations with the staff members who were more than helpful in every way. Arian? (Sorry if I misspelled that) works at night and if you have a chance talk with him you will be delighted. Breakfast is great and so was the coffee. Not enough space or time in this comment box to describe the overall awesomeness of this hostel.


This is the best rating i have ever given, i cant say enough about the staff, location, price and just poland in general. If you come to Poznan then stay here and you will not be disapointed

Fabrizzio's Petit

Barcelona, Spain

Best hostel I have stayed in, Ernesto and the rest of the staff are amazing. Best sleep I have had yet, good breakfast, clean sheets, new towels, comfy beds, bathrooms and kitchen very clean. I don't have enough good things to say about fabrizzio hostel

Makuto Backpackers Hostel

Granada, Spain

Atmosphere and staff were amazing, wasn't a fan of the tripple bunks or shower/bathroom

The Architect Hostel

Seville, Spain

Staff and location are awesome. The room I stayed on the other hand very loud at all times night day in and around hostel. They started working on the showers two days after I arrived which took the hostel down to one bathroom for the remainder of my 7 day visit which sucked. Would probably stay again but chances are slim since I like sleep

Salitre Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

The staff is amazing, very friendly environment with a good common room and wifi. Will definitely stay again if I am ever back in lisbon