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Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 22

YMCA Christchurch

Christchurch, New Zealand

The hostel was in a nice location just near the heart of the city and very close to major bus routes and the botanic gardens. They were very helpful when we were asking about what to do around town etc. The staff were kind and the facilities were well maintained. The dorms were very clean and had plenty of room.

Lodge In The City

Wellington, New Zealand

The hostel was in a good location near the heart of wellington and within walking distance to many shops, restaurants, nightlife and other attractions. Realistically the location is the only good thing going for it. The staff at the front desk were slow and while somewhat helpful they appeared to not really care all that much. The hostel wasnt dirty per se, but was by no means clean either. if all youre looking for is a cheap place to crash stay here, otherwise i wouldnt recommend it.


Excellent hostel. All the employees were extremely friendly and very helpful. It was a very clean hostel and well maintained. there was only a few showers per floor however I very rarely had to wait. The staff at the front desk were very helpful with directions and recommendations. The hostel organised daily events, allowing people to see as much of Vancouver as possible, and made sure everyone had the opportunity to come along. Also the Beaver bar was excellent for food and drinks.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time in Banff as well as at the Samesun. The staff are super friendly and want to help you in any way that they can. The rooms and bathrooms are kept tidy and the staff get right on it if there are any issues. "the Beaver" bar in the hostel is excellent, with little events in the bar most nights and also cheap food and drinks. The food is great and specials change daily.

Cambie Hostel - Gastown

Vancouver, Canada

Nice Hostel. Wasnt the cleanest Ive stayed and the kitchen was very small and not all that tidy, i was a nit reluctant to cook a meal there. there was a lot of noise from the bar downstairs especially on weekends. But not so bad that you couldnt sleep (depending on where the room is). the small common room and the Cafe next door was a great place to meet people. Great place to meet people and have some drinks if you dont mind the extra noise from the bar


Victoria, Canada

I thought staying in a 40 bed dorm would be crowded and uncomfortable. In fact this was just the opposite. everyone had their own space and a large locker that would fit most suitcases/Bags. It was actually one of the more roomy, spacious dorms i've stayed in. I never once had to wait to use ant bathroom facilities and the kitchen was great. Close to the waterfront and heas of shops and bars. Overall a great place to stay.


Edmonton, Canada

Nice hostel, a little way out of the downtown area but very close to Whyte Avenue which has lots of shops pubs, bars and clubs. Close to bus lines which made commute from bus depot very hassle free, helpful staff. A nice big kitchen and dining area. WiFi wasnt the best but good enough to check emails and the like.

Wicked Hostels - Calgary

Calgary, Canada

good location, close to pubs, bars attractions and public transport. friendly staff, there was something organised most nights. Was very easy to meet people there, and something was on almost every night, if not they would tell you were the best place to go was. Overall amazing place, however not a lot of room in the 8 bed dorms.

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Hey brotha, glad you had a good time! Yeah, I definitely have small rooms but its mainly due to the crazy summer rush this year. I think it helps sort of push people out to meet others in the hostel and to experience Calgary! Have a safe trip! Jeff


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The Clarence Park

Toronto, Canada

Good location and nice staff. There was no organised events or attempts at getting people involved with others and seeing the city. little information on local attractions etc. Most people were there for a long stay ie, looking for jobs, housing. If you are a traveler and only spending a few days in the city find somewhere else to stay.

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Thank-you for the few kind words you mentioned about our hostel. As far as the negative ones....well lets set the record strait. Their is so much info about the city of Toronto at the Clarence Park it can not even be discussed! To add, suggesting that most of the 90 beds that we have are occupied by long term guests is......well, completely incorrect. Not that we would have a problem with that kind of revenue stream that other top hostels enjoy, but we have not been that fortunate!

HI-Ottawa Jail Hostel

Ottawa, Canada

good location, near everything you want to see in ottawa. the hostel staff run tours of the old jail part of the hostel which is a good sight in and of itself. good breakfast and nice bar, which was a good place to hangout and meet people. Some single rooms are very small, old cells (1m x 3m). I was on the 9th floor, 8 bed dorms, but we had A/C and I'm not sure all rooms had this.


Mont-Tremblant, Canada

good location next to a lake and bus stops, quite a distance by foot. very social atmosphere and very easy to meet people, made my stay there all the more enjoyable.


Montreal, Canada

the hostel was in a good location. within walking distance to major train and bus stations as well as bars, restaurants and supermarket. the staff were good, made regular efforts to get groups of people together and do something. while i was there we had a group for fireworks, the jazz festival and a tour of the plateau. No bar however they had a good patio area which you could take drinks to and socialize with other guests.