Reviews: Anonymous

Young & Happy

Paris, France

After three months of travelling, Young and Happy is the worst hostel I have ever had the displeasure of stepping foot in. The 4pm check-in time is absolutely ridiculous considering the check-out time is 11am. The wi-fi in the hostel doesn't work, except for a 2 metre radius around the reception desk. The beds and pillows are extremely uncomfortable and the staff are rude and incompetent. It's actually insulting that a hostel of such poor quality charges 30 euro a night. Disgraceful.

360 Hostel Centro

Madrid, Spain

Hostel Centro is really cool. Staff are friendly, great location and organised activities every night. Plenty of shared bathrooms, kitchen is well stocked and showers are fine. Only criticism is that the common room is a bit small. It can get packed pretty quickly and hard to socialise otherwise.


Hostel Marker is pretty basic. It's a good location, but the facilities are average. The locks on the bathrooms in our building didn't work. The rooms were cramped, and there was no proper common area. The best aspect of Hostel Marker is the staff. The two owners are really lovely and give lots of great advice and tips. I probably wouldn't go back here, but if you run out of options it's a good back-up.

Grandio Party Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Having stayed at both Grandio and Retox I would definitely steer clear of Grandio. The two hostels are owned by the same group, but Grandio is considerably worse. The staff at Grandio are only interested in socialising with themselves and having a good time among their group. Conversely the staff at Retox genuinely care about each guest who walks through their door. Retox was the best few days of my trip, Grandio was some of the worst.

Hostel GoodMo

Budapest, Hungary

Pathetic. Booked a nights accomodation online for Hostel GoodMo and was notified a night before that they had run out of space. I was told I could stay at their sister hostel, which was on the other side of the city. When I asked for a refund, they refused my request and simply ceased all communication. Really poor customer service.

Patio Hostel

Bratislava, Slovakia

Patio is a nice little hostel that ticks all the boxes. Friendly staff, decent beds and good location.

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Nice, quaint hostel. Friendly staff and good facilities. Not much of a party vibe in the common room, but Travellers Shack is just around the corner, which should satisfy that need.

St Christophers Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Didn't enjoy my stay at st christophers at all. This is not a hostel, this is a hotel. Don't bother coming here if you want to socialise and have fun. This is an extremely sterile environment. The rooms are nice, location is decent, but I would look elsewhere.

Skanstulls Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

Problems with this hostel - no 24 hour reception, check in time is extremely late (3pm!!), front desk is often understaffed with queues of up to 20 minutes, bed linen should be included in the price, breakfast should be included in the price, the computers are useless, there is no outdoor area, no atmosphere. Clean hostel, decent location, but there are better places to stay in Stockholm.

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

The only hostel to stay at in Stockholm. Really good location and excellent facilities. Beer garden is really cool and perfect for meeting people. This isn't a party hostel, but a really nice, chilled out place. Wish I could have stayed longer.

Generator Hostel Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

I'm in two minds about generator. It's big, it's clean, and it's got everything you need, but there isn't much atmosphere. Copenhagen is a city that is best experienced with friends, and the sheer size of generator makes it hard to do that. If you are simply looking for a clean bed and bathroom then it's fine. Party, no.

Kabul Backpackers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Location is perfect, couldn't ask for any better. Free meals are huge positive, but they generally tend to be pretty plain - e.g. Pasta salad, risotto, pasta salad, fish and rice, pasta salad etc. I enjoyed the bar, and the nightly activities were good but the hostel was filled with blokes. Absolute sausage fest.

Pil Pil Hostel

Bilbao, Spain

Clean, cheap, and good facilities. Solid hostel that ticks all the boxes. The place did feel a bit sterile though. No vibe or atmosphere in the common room. Just a television screen that is permanently switched on VH1 showing music videos from the 80s and 90s. Breakfast could be improved, and beds are small for anyone over 6 foot. Apart from that, pretty good place to stay if you want to visit the Guggenheim.

Lisbon Lounge Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Great hostel. Thoroughly enjoyed my stay. Rooms are spacious, facilities are clean, lockers big, and comfy common areas. Not a party hostel by any means, but definitely a good place to relax.