Reviews: Anonymous

Hotel des Olympiades

Paris, France

This hotel is right across the street from the metro station which is really convenient and just a 10 minute walk from montremore.


Rome, Italy

We loved everything about the hostel! The staff was amazing, the rooms were very clean and not over stuffed. They had wifi through out and complimentary breakfast. The staff was also very helpful with any questions or suggestions. The atmosphere was great and they had events to help you meet people. There was also a lot of people in the lobby almost always so you could always meet people. The location is right next to the train station as well so its easy to get to and easy for day trips.

Tourist House Santa Croce

Florence, Italy

This hostel was great for location as well as the staff. The main owner is very sweet and very accommodating. He was very willing to help with any questions and suggeestions. With that being said, the room we stayed in was stuffed with 6 beds and barely enough room to walk around. One of the beds was half way in front of the bathroom so you couldn't get in with out waking someone up. They cleaned the bathrooms everyday so that's nice! I would say this was an okay hostel but wouldn't stay again.

Hotel Iris

Venice, Italy

This was one of our favorite places to stay and it was the most clean! The staff was very accommodating and helped us with any questions we had. The only annoying thing was that there is only wifi in the lobby and they close at midnight.

Hotel Paganini

Milan, Italy

The room that we were staying in had a toilet and sink with no walls surrounding them. The room had 4 beds so if you were staying in this room with strangers you would definitely feel awkward! Also, the one shared bathroom on that floor has a lock that doesn't really lock so anyone can still come in. Also, its shared for so many people so that you can barely ever get in.

Hotel Orangers

Nice, France

This hostel was by far the worst we stayed in for 3 months. There was no one there to check us in. The room that we stayed in had 8 beds and there wasn't enough room to walk around the beds. The walls to the bathroom didn't go up to the ceiling so everyone can hear you to go the bathroom and and one of the bunks can look over into the shower. There was an unbelievable amount of Mosquitos and on the last night we found cockroaches. The bathroom had small curly hairs on the floor. Don't stay here.

Barbieri Sol Hostel

Madrid, Spain

This hostel was so adorable, the location was wonderful and the staff was absolutely amazing. The main guy at the desk was such a sweet hear and helped us with anything and everything. He also went out of this way to answer our questions by calling his friends and going beyond what we asked. Also, because they didn't have lockers he held into our important belongings for us. There was an amazing roof desk and complimentary coffee! Great atmosphere and very welcoming.