Reviews: Anonymous


We read reviews about the place before we came and were kinda weary. But in the end the place was great. The owner is super nice. The rooms are very clean and the price is amazing. The place is right in the center of everything. (Although the town isn't big so just about anywhere is in the center of everything) I also read multiple reviews while traveling china complaining about English. But come on people, if you want English walk down your own street and play I'm the creek.

Lucky Family Hostel

Beijing, China

The people are great and speak very good English. (It's the best we got our whole time in China) it's in a hidden place down an alley way but not far from the Zhangzizhong Lu station. (Its an easy Two transfer stop from the airport and i thinknperfectly centralized to get to most the tourists spots easy) our second room wasn't so great (due to construction) but the first was fantastic.