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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 24

was here during WMC, great place to stay. Lots of international folks and a great atmosphere. They go out daily to nightclubs and barcrawls with free entry. It was cleanly and had great wifi. def would recommend!


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The Walrus Hostel

London, England

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Astor Museum Inn

London, England

This hostel was really awesome i actually spent a week here and go to know the staff very well. It's literally across the street from The British Museum and a ten minute walk from the train station and 5 minute walk from the grocery. Its fifteen from the main square and bars. The staff are super nice and laid-back. they gave you lockers under bed and they had the biggest dvd collection ever

Stayokay Amsterdam Vondelpark

Amsterdam, Netherlands

ok so...this is like the Walmart of Hostels. Not for the solo rugged party traveler. this is for groups of girls and people that don't really want to party and go to the Red Light every Night. its so big its hard to get to know people. but the facilities are super clean, good wifi everywhere. nice showers/bathrooms. good food & bar. staff are nice. but it just doesn't have a lot of character. its safe though and its across the street from Vondelpark . great for families.

Bob's Youth Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

this hostel is legend. its dirty and there is graffiti everywhere and there isn't many perks , but the environment is chill and cool. the lobby is basically a hotbox. the staff is laid-back. the location is really close to Red light District as well as Amsterdam central. this place has real character. I met one of my closest friends on my travels here. cool place to stay at least a night


I stayed in this hostel based on a review in the New York Times. It's a nice hostel, very modern and hip with nice facilities and nice kitchen. the breakfast is ok. I think this place is way too expensive for what it offers. you can stay at St. Christopher's and have a better time. the beds and bathrooms were nice, the location is ok. close to subway. cool bars nearby. but its not a good place for drinking, partying, and being social. the atmosphere is sub par

360 Hostel Centro

Madrid, Spain

this has the best location in Madrid, seriously. you can walk anywhere or take the train which is close. its in the main shopping district. close to restaurants bars and markets. the atmosphere is ok, it has potential to be social, but at night you have to be really wuiet. there is no bar or restuarant. they have special nights like sangria tuesday. they have great internet , tons of computers, nice facilities and bathrooms. small but good lockers.

Hostel One Sants

Barcelona, Spain

great hostel. we had family dinners every night and learned to make and drink sangria one night. nice kitchen and a rooftop terrace to drink on. 6 computers and working internet. nice bunkbeds and lockers. communal clean bathrooms. the staff is super nice and i became good friends with them. the location could be better, but its close to subway and barcelona has an awesome system. this place is really great stay here or stay at the other hostel one

Central Playa Hotel

Ibiza, Spain

the rooftop pool is more like a baby pool. the staff barely spoke any english, especially the late night guy. the rooms are hot and the beds are sub par. however the location is awesome. its close to playa and close to grocery stores and a one minute walk from the beach. its a place to stay for cheap. not to relax and chill in. not my favorite.

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

this is a party hostel. straight up. at night its pretty much the coolest place in town to go drink. great beer. they turn the basement in to a night club at night with a DJ bar & lights etc. the rooms are nice and have air conditioning but the showers kinda suck. not for families or old people. I had a great time. but i could not stay here for more than 3 nights. its a bit much sometimes. but i tell you what, get ready to have some fun. food is great. drinks are great. people are social and fri

Hostel Pisa Tower

Pisa, Italy

dont stay here or in this city


Cinque Terre, Italy

so this was one of my favorite hostels i ever stayed in. Mario is a hilarious guy, basically just checks you in and then you never see him again except when he plays cards downstairs with his friends. its a bit of a hike up the stairs to the house but so is everything in cinue terre. Its basically 2 big rooms with beds. No real perks . but you get to know your roomates really closely and become best friends. clean bathrooms. hot water. and a kitchen and fridge. what else do you need. awesome loc

Ostello Bello

Milan, Italy

this was an awesome hostel, the staff was very nice, not to mention pretty good looking. the bathrooms were clean, and each 6 dorm room had its own shower toilet. the internet was fast but i think only able to be really used downstairs. THey had dinners and happy hours for free if you bought a drink. the bar had great beers. they have a chill area in the basement with guitars and bean bags , couches etc. its just a really cool and hip place and a 20min walk from anywhere you want to go. stay her