Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Mundo Maya

Cancun, Mexico

Nice location! Only 10 min walk from the hostel to catch buses (R1 or R2) to get to the hotel zone! Also there is a large supermarket (Chedraui) right next to where you catch the buses. Staff are really nice and resourceful. The rate is really reasonable for Cancun. It's not a party hostel but for people who want quite night and nice sleep!

Hostel Zocalo

Merida, Mexico

I arrived there around 7AM because of my overnight bus from Palenque. But the hostel led me check in super early and even asked me to join their breakfast. When I walked into the kitchen/dining, I couldn't believe that they had SO MUCH fruits (more than 5 kinds). There were also corn flakes, cereals, hot mini bread, and other food as well. If you ask, they would also make you an omelet. The staff were really nice and helpful and the location is amazing! I highly recommend this hostel!

Cielo Rojo Hostel Oaxaca

Oaxaca, Mexico

It was a great hostel. Only 20 min walk from the first class bus (ADO) terminal was awesome. The hostel was beautiful and I really liked the openess of the building. The breakfast was nice because there were toasts, corn flakes, milk, coffee, and some fresh fruits! Also free water refill was so helpful (so people who are cheap like me don't have to spend 8 pesos for a bottle of water). Though the staff were nice, I often had hard time finding them But it was really good value for the price!

Bed and Breakfast Mexico Hostel

Mexico City, Mexico

This hostel is at really nice location. Approximately 5 min from the nearby metro station and around 20 min walk to the park (and museums). There are several convinience stores around the hostel as well. The hostel staff were very nice and helpful. They were knowledge about the area and recommended how to get to certain places. They were always at the front desk. However, the breakfast was a little bit disappointing from what I expected. But I guess it was what I paid for. Overall, I liked it.