Reviews: Anonymous

Corniglia Dream Rooms

Cinque Terre, Italy

They only take cash for final payment the night before you leave, despite what the website says. They do not speak English, so brush up on your Italian. It's more of a converted house than hostel, you walk through the dining room to reach one of three bedrooms. Just a shared mini fridge and no kitchen. Walls are a bit thin if you have noisy neighbors, but not that big of a deal. Nice quiet location, away from touristy crowds, with a nice view from the window and balcony.

Helvetia Pisa Tower

Pisa, Italy

Good place. The staff was helpful and friendly. They wanted to learn more English, which is a fun way to learn Italian as well. Others on the staff speak it just fine, so no worries about losing things in translation. Close to just about anything you would want in Pisa, with just a bit of a trek to the train station.