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Bath, England

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YHA Salisbury

Salisbury, England

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Sultan Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

l was in very small room with 6 bads and without windows. You must be ready that you can get room like that one. Good thing is that you will not hear music and noise from restaurant, nice location and people.


l was in room N 13. It is placed in cellar, moist and cold, with 6 bads. It looks beautiful in internet but I have had to take out on sun my blankets and linen every morning to dry them. I recommend that room only for avoidance. However, I suppose other rooms are much better, staff was kind and helpful. Breakfast was nice,it is even open buffet but only if there are a lot of guests. I can understand that.

Hostel Anzac House

Canakkale, Turkey

I would like to come again.