Reviews: Anonymous

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The staff always seemed grumpy and too busy on facebook to want to help the guests. The rooms were extremely nice and were beyond my expectations. They changed their name to Hotel Van Gogh so I kept walking in circles looking for the hostel until I went in to ask. For some reason our room was dusty by the end of the day EVERY day. However everything else was really clean. I liked that each bed had its own light and outlet. The shower was amazing! I will definitely stay here again.


I was really impressed with the hostel. The staff was really inviting and always helpful, the rooms were clean, and there was always plenty of activities to do, I liked that each room had its own kitchen, common area, and bathroom. I was in the mixed 8 person dorm and the beds were comfy and the lockers were in the mini common area which is a great idea because they're noisy. Our shower was really big and nice. Overall I'm happy!