Reviews: Anonymous


I got a little worried before booking after reading some reviews. I am glad I booked it anyway. It's a hostel, it feels like a hostel and it's more than one can wish for. There's rules and they work. Great location, great people. My bed broke and it got changed as soon as I let them know, and it was 10 pm. Free breakfast, pizza night, comedy night...amazing.

Vanderbilt YMCA

New York, USA

Staying at Vanderbilt YMCA changed my idea about a "non profit" organization. I was hoping for a friendly and fun place, I got the opposite. Mainly foreigner students, staying monthly, i think that's what they value mainly, monthly paying students. The staff made me feel horrible, like if they were doing me a favor just by talking to me. The building itself so as the location, were nice and exactly what you paid for. For the staff, I rather pay more than stay there again.

West Side YMCA

New York, USA

It's exactly what you paid for. Perfect location and facilities. Unfortunately they forgot to let the guests know ahead of time about their renovation on the building. It's terrible. Rooms and corridors as well as the bathroom filthy dirty. The contractor starting to work as early as 07:00 Am right at your door and talking really loud, no respect for the paying customer at all. I got an allergic asthma attack from the fresh paint they were using at 07:30 am, no warnings about it.