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Jericoacoara Hostel - TIROL

Jericoacoara, Brazil

Of 3 hostels I stayed in Jeri during a long stay, Tirol was the best and most travel-friendly. It's run very well and attracts a wide range of people. For me the comfortable, open social area and the well-working kitchen were the biggest pluses. Each guest also has their own locker in their room. The internet was often hard to access, but the management would make a point to ask about it and improve when possible. There are many small things that make Tirol great but are hard to describe here.

Hostel & Pousada Casa Coco Verde

Jericoacoara, Brazil

I was here for 3 weeks. I felt secure; there are lockers available for extra caution. It's near the beach and quiet, but a bit further from the main part of town. The manager is helpful and can arrange tours and activities. CCV hosts various different types of people, so you'll meet people you like. Overall it is clean. The outdoor space feels smaller than it looks. While a great value, book early; it can get very crowded and you may only get a mattress on the floor. Very good breakfast.