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Reykjavik Downtown Hostel

Reykjavik, Iceland

Très jolie auberge, mais très dispendieuse... comme n'importe quoi à Reykjavik


India house is a real partying hostel !! Il you are going to new orleans for the nightlife, its definitely the place to stay !! People are mostly young... (18 - 25 years). The place is really clean for a big hostel like this ! Only 10 mins of trolley too the french quarter.. Staff were sometimes cold... If you are looking for peacefull time, i suggest you too skip this place !!


Hosts are really welcoming !!! They give me nice advises about Houston and the area, They take the time with every customers... they were so lovely ! Really nice play to stay .. In a nice small and cute neighbourhood .. Only 15-20 mins walk of downtown.. Really clean, peacefull and cheap! Thx againt for everything ;)