Reviews: Anonymous

Nick's Homestay

Ubud, Indonesia

It's outside is very cute. It's a cluster of tiny bungalows basically making a courtyard that's filled with birds and the family owned dogs. In the morning they serve you jaffles (waffle banana sandwiches) with fresh fruit once you're out on the porch but beware of the hot tea and the cups because they just lay there all nights and ants might be crawling. The walls are quite thin though and you can definitely here your neighbors and they can probably definitely hear you just talking.

Tanaya Bed & Breakfast

Kuta, Indonesia

We stayed in a double and had a shared bathroom with the rest of the floor. The airconditioning is nice and the entire facility including the bathrooms are really clean& modern. I was a bit concerned that the bathroom key could unlock the door if it was locked for any of the bathrooms, but both of didn't experience any one accidentally opening the door. In the morning they serve a continental breakfast and there's wifi in your room. It's a 20 min walk from the beach going through poppy lane 1.