Reviews: Anonymous

The Mad Monkey Siem Reap

Siem Reap, Cambodia

This was one of my favorite hostels -- the staff were super helpful, and the place is tons of fun! There's a great bar on the top of the building, and it's very easy to meet other backpackers. The (single) room itself did not have air conditioning but the dorm rooms do have AC. My room light also didn't work, and the internet doesn't work in all rooms. It is super close to the main town. The staff also set up tuk-tuk rides for me to Angkor Wat and the airport.

Hanoi Lucky Guesthouse

Hanoi, Vietnam

I booked a room here, but was walked over to the Hanoi Lucky Guesthouse 2 instead. The room itself was very nice, with air conditioning and a TV. I was one of only a couple people staying in 2 (hard to meet other backpackers). I was told an employee would be there to check me out at 6:30am. They were not, and because the power was out I couldn't contact anyone. I waited 30 minutes then just grabbed my passport (which was in an UNLOCKED and VISIBLE location) and left my money on the counter.