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Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 27

No Name City Hostel

Madrid, Spain

This hostel was overall a great stay. Wifi was not available on upper floors but was available in lobby and 1st floor. There were many surge protectors available for charging devices on this floors. Breakfast was ok. I've had worse at some other places, The atmosphere is good and i met some great people. The hostel is also located next to a Metro but it is really close to the city center ans you may not need to use it too often. I'd recommend this hostel based on my experiences.

Hotel D'Azeglio

Florence, Italy

The Hostel is very clean. It is made up of private rooms and private showers. Maps are provided and the breakfast included is of good variety. The staff is friendly and helpful and their location is provided off of a bus stop. I really have no complaints about this place. It's less of a party hostel and more of a hotel. There's isn't really much of an area to meet other travelers but its a nice, secure place nonetheless. I recommend this hostel.

B&B Mestrina

Venice, Italy

This is a very basic Bed and Breakfast, There Is a shower, kitchen with stove top and bedrooms. The place is pretty much like a flat. Breakfast is pretty much what is included in the fridge/cabinets but it often doesn't get refilled as the cereal wasn't restocked after we ate for a few days. The owner pretty much berated us as a previous guest for having our stuff on the third bed. The accommodations were nice but the owner was straight up rude. I'd go somewhere else for the price that is asked.

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I only asked them not to use the extra bed...I can't say that they were the the most well mannered guests I ever had...I asked them If they need anything, they didn't say nothing about cereals...

Hi 5 Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Hi5 is definitely a party hostel. Its a cheap hostel that has a decent location. Its not far from a metro and tram station. The hostel is pretty much constantly partying with drinking games and going out in the evenings. At night it can get kind of loud as there is a bar right next door. The breakfast is very basic, (cereal, bread, jam, etc). but for the price i'm not really complaining. If you like partying this place will suit you fine. Showers are fine and the place is secure.


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A Plus Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

A Plus Hostel is located in a good location about a 15-20 minute walk from Wenceles square. They have good facilities such as laundry and the wifi is average. I could get a signal on the 2nd floor but the upper floors have a problem getting a signal. The breakfast was the best breakfast I have had during 1 month of traveling. They host several school groups and there is not much of a social atmosphere in that regard. I would recommend this hostel for anyone who needed a place to stay.


Mama's Hostel is an interesting place. It's right off of the main square so the location is great. The breakfast is above average and there is decent size lockers to secure your belongings. Sadly I don't think there was AC so things got warm at night when people were sleeping. This hostel has a good atmosphere to meet people and i met some great guys there. Its doesn't necessarily excel in any one area but it seems to have enough to recommend it as a place to stay if you understand what I mean.

The Cat's Pajamas Hostel

Berlin, Germany

I Can't think of much to say about this hostel. The showers were clean and private. They have an elevator to much luggage up floors, along with room bathrooms there was also a floor bathrooms to shave without distracting others in your room. Breakfast was good and it's right next to Hermanplatz ubahn. This hostel was pretty good and I would definitely recommend it.