Reviews: Anonymous

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 34

It would have been nice if there had been additional bathrooms somewhere. I showered in the evening so I wouldn't have to fight for the bathroom in the morning, but usually couldn't even get in to the one bathroom in the 6 bed dorm to pee in the morning. Every other hostel I have stayed at had additional bathrooms somewhere! The staff were pretty nice given that it is Vienna and staff everywhere act like they have better things to do at work than work. I only got a couple eye rolls and sighs.

Casual Hostel

Brasov, Romania

There are no lockers in the rooms. Also in summer it is sweltering, and there is no air conditioning. Despite that I had a positive experience. The atmosphere is casual as the name states. The staff are friendly, and I had awesome roommates.

Umbrella Hostel

Bucharest, Romania

The staff were so nice, and very helpful. They gave excellent directions and answered all sorts of questions. I would stay there again.

Big Apple Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

I stayed in a single room here. It was clean, the air conditioning worked well, and the door locked. I wasn't looking for anything fancy, so it suited me well. Close to all the sights in Sultanahmet. The staff was rude by my standards, but they did not ignore me nor make trouble, so they were ok, I guess.

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

The staff were so nice, although the hostel itself left a bit to be desired (peeling paint, sink tiles missing, etc), I would definitely recommend it. Also the hostel is smack in the middle of tourist Athens, so it was easy to get oriented. Breakfast was simple (toast and juice), but good. The air conditioning was a wonderful thing in the midday summer heat.


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