Reviews: Anonymous

Kinlay Eyre Square Hostel

Galway, Ireland

This hostel cost a little more than some of the other ones I stayed in, but I thought it was worth the extra few euro. The kitchen is nice and big and the breakfast was pretty substantial in the morning. The best part was the size and liveliness of the common room - there were always a ton of cool people to meet there because this hostel is HUGE. The showers were push button but hot enough, and it was a very nice, safe place to be.


I liked it so much that I went back a second time on my way back through Dublin. They had some of the best showers I've had (real water pressure and I could choose my own temperature - novel, I know!) and they aren't kidding about the fully equipped kitchen. There was hot chocolate powder available all the time, and there was even an espresso maker available on my second time through. The staff was welcoming and the kitchen was a great place to hang out. Great stay!


Antwerp, Belgium

This hostel was my second favorite hostel of all time (and I stayed in 30 different hostels during my trip). They aren't kidding about the converted chocolate factory thing. They made us delicious chocolate cake one night, the kitchen is legitimately fully stocked (none of the half-assed there's a microwave in the corner nonsense), there's a rooftop terrace, the room we stayed in looked like a hotel room, and they had eggs and cheese and bread and spreadable heaven (spekuloos) for breakfast.