Reviews: Anonymous

Youthhostel Zurich

Zurich, Switzerland

This hostel was a mixed bag. The good: great facilities, lots of amenities, big social area, nice staff, clean rooms. The bad: location 20+ minutes from city center by train, NOBODY socializes, lots of high school classes on field trips, feels more like a hotel than a hostel atmosphere-wise. Awful WIFI. Everyone clusters in one corner of the social area to get it, but no one talks to each other. Also, expensive. But there's a lack of hostels in Zurich so this isn't the worst choice ever.

Hostel One Home

Prague, Czech Republic

Wow. Just wow. This hostel was phenomenal. The staff blew me away with their kindness - they made us dinner, drank with us, and went out with us to the bars/clubs each night. Combine that with the awesome atmosphere of Prague and you don't want to leave - such a great time. I screwed up my flights and was stuck for an extra day - they welcomed me back in with a room, no reservation needed. Again, can't say enough about how awesome this hostel and its people were.

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Clean hostel, big rooms, good bar - also phenomenal sitting area in the middle with plants and lounge chairs, pretty fancy. My primary complaint is they only have wifi in the lounge on the main floor, and it's bad wifi at that. Their reason is it 'forces people to socialize in a common area'... but it just results in everyone with their face stuck to their iPads. Thus the atmosphere was less than social - not even the bar was very packed at night. Nice staff tho - good hostel overall.

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

For Amsterdam hostels, I bet this place ranks pretty good - but compared to hostels in other countries, it's passable at best. Rooms aren't cleaned often, bathroom was gross. No big lockers, just small ones for valuables. Location is a 15 minute hike from city center at least. Staff was fine, but heard the owner doesn't repair things. No big social area for partying, so only semi-backpacker vibe. Also, expensive. But, overall, I had a good time in Amsterdam while staying here.

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

This is a superb facility with a so-so vibe. The building and services are set up more like a hotel - so great accomodations and friendly staff. Huge building, big bar. However, definitely more of a family/group trip feel. Hardly any young backpackers there when I was there, more older adults and classes of high schoolers. So not very social party atmosphere. But, decent location - only 5 - 10 minute walk to city center. Overall, I would recommend for Brussels.

St Christopher's Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Fantastic hostel, especially for younger backpackers looking to meet people and socialize! The bar is always packed with friendly people. Location is great, facilities are superb, with cleaning people coming through every day, and even curtains on the beds to block out light and add privacy. My only two complaints are that there is no laundry in the hostel, and a few members of the staff are not friendly.