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Travel Hotel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Nice rooms, clean restrooms inside the dormrooms and hall ways. The lounge has a decent size, so there is potential to meet fellow travelers. The staff is very helpful and fun to talk to. The main scene in Amsterdam isn't that large to cover, so in my opinion this hostel is a great starting point, and its just 1 sprint train (4£) away from the airport and centraal station is 5 walking minutes away. The only downside are the super small stairs.


Aside from having bugs in the restroom. This hostel was great. Nice staff and the "residents" were all nice. No private lockers, but the room was pretty big compared to other (hostels) that I've stayed in. The rooms do have shelf space to put your belongings, so that was pretty neat. Sunday $5 burgers (BBQ) You can't beat that. Next time I go to Waikiki I will stay in this same hostel.

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Aloha; I checked out your comments and you had booked our lowest cost dorm room. We don't provide private lockers in those rooms. Although we clearly state at check-in that food and drink (except water) are not allowed in the dorms some people bring them into the room anyway. I periodically place bug traps in the room and this may be why you thought there were bugs. Glad you enjoyed yourself and liked the burgers. Hope to see you next time you come here. Mark,

Living Mad Hostel

Madrid, Spain

The hospitality really stands out in a great way. Friendly staff and the "hostelians" are easy to get along with. Cheap beer on tap, and the floor lobby is a great social area. I HIGHLY recommend this hostel.