Reviews: Anonymous

The Clarence Park

Toronto, Canada

Nicely renovated but poorly managed. Rooms were cleaned daily but to a very poor standard (read wiped down), and the shared bathroom was constantly filthy. Worse yet was the security. The rooms lacked lockers.There was no staff after 11pm to assist.

American Dream Hostel

New York, USA

The place is charming and well cared for. The breakfast is plentiful but the kitchen isn't really set up for cooking meals requiring more than a microwave. There's not a lot in the immediate area for attractions, but it's close enough to the subway to make up for it. Overall I'd stay here again and recommend this place to my friends.


This hostel is located conveniently in the middle of everything in downtown Vancouver. The place is tidy and charming and the staff was accommodating. At check-in I asked if there were others already staying in my room, they said yes and asked if I'd like to be put in a room that was empty. I got my own room for my entire stay as a result, it was a nice courtesy of them.