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The Hague, Netherlands

There were a ton of arbitrary rules that seemed designed to give them any excuse to take your sizeable (20 Euro) deposit, there was no 24 hour reception, and worst of all they kick everyone out of the common area/bar at 10pm. Why a hostel would kick everyone out of their common area so early I have no idea - it totally undermines the atmosphere. Pretty condescending policies here, plus its really far from the train station and town center so it's not convenient (though it is near the beach)

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

Can't believe how perfect this location is. It could not be more convenient for your time in Athens, right on the metro stop for the Acropolis and ancient ruins. There's a rooftop bar with Parthenon views, free and fast wifi, free breakfast, and everything is totally secure and safe. One of the best hostels I've stayed in.