Reviews: Anonymous

Dar Ahl Tadla

Fez, Morocco

This is were Moroccan hospitality goes to die. The staff couldn't help with simple questions, were unfriendly, and seemed like they couldn't wait for guests to leave for the day. The kitchen staff on the other hand were wonderful and breakfast was always good. We were greeted by a dead cockroach next to our bed and the bathroom was not the cleanest and to use the sink you had to turn the taps on underneath and then off else water would just keep flowing. We would never stay here again!

Tangier Melting Pot Hostel

Tangier, Morocco

It's really easy to find, you could even walk from the port. They do need more help as the reception was always VERY busy. The atmosphere was great! Easy to meet people and very relaxing. The breakfast is simple but good. We went on the walking tour which started out good and but we ended up not enjoying the second half as he just wanted to take us to shops and would spend a significant amount of time on his phone (Facebook).

La Casa del Sol

Seville, Spain

They don't answer emails so don't even try, which caused some issues upon arrival; however these were sorted out later. The rooms and bathrooms are clean and well-kept. Breakfast wasn't the best.... The staff were WONDERFUL, funny, gave great advice and even though they didn't speak English put a lot of effort into making sure our stay was a good one. I would stay here again for sure.

6 small rooms

Naples, Italy

The location, staff, and prices are really the best things about this hostel. But you pay what you get for and the kitchen was dirty and the washrooms were disgusting. It's a shower room, there are only 3, so good luck in the morning. There is no ac so the doors to the balcony had to be left open all the time, which didn't help at all and the room was boiling hot. Also I kept on getting bit. The 'lockers' aren't big enough for a backpacking bag. I would have rather stayed on the street.

Apinelo Hostel

Split, Croatia

It's super easy to find and very close to the port, roughly a 5-7 minute walk. The safe were friendly, could answer any questions, and give great advice. It's near a grocery store and the kitchen may be small but everything you need is there. The washrooms were clean as were the rooms and 3 computers were available anytime. It's a small hostel but has a great vibe to it and I would book this place again in a heart beat.

Old Town Hostel East Wing

Kotor, Montenegro

Just to be clear so no one makes a mistake this is a PARTY hostel. Every night the staff put on something and good times are meant to be had! So get ready for people to come into the room in the early hours of the morning but that's also hostel life. I lengthened my stay here and so did lots of other people, it was hard to leave. The hostels tours were AMAZING! At least go on one of them. I can't wait to come back for another great stay!!

Shanti Hostel 2

Skopje, Macedonia

I loved my stay here and would stay again for sure! The owner and his girlfriend were wonderful and so welcoming! They help you out any way the can and nothing is too much for them. The location is great and might seem a little off-putting but don't let that stop you from staying here! It's a 2-3 minute walk from the bus station, a less then 10 minute walk to the city's core, and near a shopping centre. The atmosphere was relaxing and felt more like a home than a hostel.

Gagarin Hostel

Kiev, Ukraine

I had a great time at Gagarin! The staff goes above and beyond to help you, even if they didn't speak great English. The facilities were good but the showers could use a more thorough cleaning. I met lots of people and we had a wonderful time together and still keep in contact. I would stay here again no question.

Ca' de Gianchi

Cinque Terre, Italy

The father and daughter were very friendly, warm, and welcoming. It is easy to find and in a good location. Also, the shower was great after a full day of hiking.