Reviews: Anonymous

Paddy's Palace Belfast

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Had a great stay here. Very friendly and very lenient.

Queens Park Budget Hotel

Glasgow, Scotland

Great stay if you want a more quiet place to sleep.

Highlander Hostel

Inverness, Scotland

This is not a great place to stay. The people are pretty friendly, but the facilities (the beds especially) are terrible. I try to keep an open mind about hostels, but was disappointed. Try to find another place before picking this one.

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

The beds were awful. Not a good atmosphere. Toilet paper in three of the five bathrooms. Dirty. I'm always open to hostels and this is the only one I haven't enjoyed so far. Others may disagree, but try to stay somewhere else first.

Everton Hostel

Liverpool, England

Great place for the price.

YHA Canterbury

Canterbury, England

Great hostel except for the walk into town. Just don't pay for the wifi, it's highway robbery. Very clean though, and a helpful staff. The beds were alright.

Boomerang Hostel

Antwerp, Belgium

It wasn't terrible, but not the best hostel.