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Palermo, Italy

I cannot say enough good things about my stay here! Giuseppe & Veronica go to great lengths, often sacrificing their own personal time to ensure that each of their guests has an incredible experience, not just a place to stay. From accommodating often outlandish check in times to welcoming u with an espresso and an extensive orientation, u immediately feel their passion for making your stay as positive as they can. I highly suggest this hostel to anyone seeking to truly experience Sicily! Thanks


I enjoyed my stay. The staff were great here, welcoming, friendly and helpful upon arrival. After being ticketed for loosing my metro pass, the lady at reception reminded me of a great perspective that while being ticketed sucks, maybe I needed the delay, "who knows? Maybe you would have been hit by a car if you hadn't had to spend time getting a fine." It was a little thing but made a huge difference to my outlook on the day. The rooms are standard, great bar with good food/drink specials. Thx

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

I had a fantastic stay at the yellow! The people and the parties where unreal, most nights not ending till the sun came up. The staff were top-notch and the food, especially breakfast, were great. I was disappointed slightly by the 2am kick out (u have to go to your room or go outside "past the fountain") which I thought was strange for a party hostel. It would be nice to have the lounge area open to keep chatting with new friends. This was easily gotten over though and a blast was had anyways.


This hostel has about everything you could ask for! From a reliable checkin and friendly reception to 24hr buzz in; bar on location to air conditioned rooms! Wifi was spotty in the rooms depending on your location but was reliable in the lobby at all times. They also have free luggage storage for your check out day which is very important too! Overall fantastic job guys!

Tourist House Santa Croce

Florence, Italy

I really enjoyed my stay here. The location was central, the kitchen facilities were a plus and provided a great place to get to know fellow guests and the staff was friendly! The only strange part of the experience was that the staff wasn't there on the weekends to do check in, relying on there being other guests around to let someone in and find them a key. Found this a little weird but we managed to make it work, plus it became another means of introduction.

Ostello Tramonti

Cinque Terre, Italy

This hostel should get two ratings. One for the young, cool and helpful man who worked reception the night that we checked in 90+ He gave us great advice and made us feel welcome. Then the older, colder and generally un inviting man. 40- He was okay the first night, he let us use the common room late. The next day he was NOT okay. He was cold, rude unorganized and when my friend went into his room for a battery during cleaning hours, he kicked him out! Made him get his stuff and leave! Not cool!


I was supposed to stay in the hostel but when I checked into the hotel Iris I was given a room there (so this is more a review for them) The staff is very helpful and kind. The rooms were similar to other hostels, being simple but practical. Though each room seems to have an en-suit bathroom, ours wast lacking; a shower door to be precise. While this in itself could be ignored, the drain was nearly plugged, putting a short timer on your shower before the flood came. Overall a pleasant place tho


Reception and bar staff were fantastic, security was less than pleasant though (don't need to be friendly but polite would be ok) Rooms were great but the check-out-check-in policy was frustrating for guests that have to change rooms. 4€ for a locker for the luggage storage is a lot for backpackers, would be nice if you could place bags in the new room even if you prefer not to have guests unpack till 2. Breakfast was an amazing feature :) Overall a very enjoyable stay, great bar, great food.

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Hi, first,thank you for the time taken for giving us your feedback. Be sure that we will review our security conduct and will make sure that politeness is part of their behavior as expected from all the staff members working with us. Best regards, The St-Christopher's team.