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Bostel Amsterdamse Bos

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Its a campsite. We choose to stay in a room, it is equipped with just 2 bunk beds(4 ppl), a table and 4 chairs. Nothing else and has 1 charging point. The toilets were public, they are in plentiful spread out in the campsite, but the downside is that its not kept too clean. You need to pay for showers and the linens.1 Euro for 6mins of bath! It is about 20-30mins away from the city centre with 2 buses plying and all-in-all the place is full of greenery!


Berlin, Germany

The hostel is good only for its location (only if you are travelling inter-country by a bus!). Else, it is way too much distance to cover to the city centre. They do not provide linens nor Wi-Fi for the money they charge. 10Euros may look like a good bet, but adding the overheads, it comes upto 14Euros/head. I think there are better hostels for say about 16-17Euro/ head with all the facilities included and close to the city centre as well!