Reviews: lindsayrandall072368

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 30

HI NYC Hostel

New York, USA

I LOVED this hostel. I only stayed for one night, but the facility was BEAUTIFUL - movie theater, courtyard, and mound and mounds of spaces to sit and meet people... really great. The pub crawl was great too, and the staff did a great job of finding bars that didnt cost an arm and a leg for a beer - not easy in NYC. Honestly, I've stayed in a lot of hostels and this is one of my absolute favorites. Only reason its gets a less than stellar score for value is its NYC and my bed was $47.

Urbany Hostel BCN GO!

Barcelona, Spain

This is NOT a good place to stay if you are traveling alone!! It is TOO BIG and there is not a great atmosphere for meeting people at all. The bar is too expensive, no pub crawl offered, and the kitchen is too small and full of flies. Its too far away from most of what you would want to see in Barcelona, but close to the metro. All around it was an OKAY stay. I also did not have a curtain on my bed and they told me "too bad". Also worst shower of my entire trip.

Hostel Dolce Vita

Granada, Spain

This hostel is very far away! Also there are only two showers for basically the whole place. You can do much better for the same €10 per night in Granada.


You can see from the other hostels- you come here for the atmosphere. I have stayed in cleaner hostels but this one was very laid back and people are so nice! I dont like that the tours are so expensive - same with the food. I used the kitchen and still loved this place! If you are traveling alone, this is a great place to meet people! I even went back when I was staying at another hostel in Granada!

Summer Cadiz

Cadiz, Spain

This place cost 18 euro per night and doesnt even have doors that lock and the lockers are way tol small to fit your pack. There is no luggage room, they just leave it in the living room where anyone off the street could walk in and take it. As for the atmosphere - there isnt really any. They should hire some staff to live there so people care about creating an atmosphere to hang out. Overall it was just ok


This place was great! I didnt like that the roofdeck required that you bought their expensive drinks - we bought our own beer and they made us go down to the kitchen. All around I thought this place was great though.

Funky Cordoba

Cordoba, Spain

There are NO LOCKERS at all in this hostel. There were two safes in a room for 6 people, and anyone can reset the safe code. There was no atmosphere here at all when I was there. Thestaff here also have to work in the bar, so they dont care if, for example, they plan a paella dinner and no one shows up. It was cheap, but if you are traveling alone, this is not a good place to meet people.


If you are traveling alone and looking to meet people, THIS is the hostel for you. The kitchen is big and great for people to cook and talk. You will make lifelong friends here and not want to leave. It isn't very close to downtown but the bus to take you there is right outside. Also the beach is a very short walk. The facilities are exactly what you should have when you pay 8 euros but the atmosphere and friendship is priceless. :)

Istanbul Harmony Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

There wasnt much atmosphere here at all. the roofdeck is beautiful though.The staircases were very dark, but the under bed storage was nice.