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Great hostel, was really happy that it had it's own undergroud carpark!

The Monkeys in the Trees

London, England

Second time I stayed there. Good, quiet hostel. Unfortunately this time I lucked out on my bed, the springs came to the surface of the mattress and hurt. Other than that its a good place.

The Monkeys in the Trees

London, England

Good hostel. Seemed like one of the smallest hostel I've stayed in, which is good. Will stay there again.

Generator Hostel Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

One of the best hostels I've stayed at in Europe in the last 3 months.


Meininger's are always pretty good. Too expensive to stay here on the weekends when they double their prices.


Free breakfast was good and dorms were nice with okay small lockers for your valuables (keep in mind, not big enough for your bag). Dissapointed with the Wifi, not only was there no Wifi in the rooms (only common area) but also they have blocked the use of the Viber app so I could not call my family for the whole three days I stayed there. I may have expected from a cheap hostel but this is one of the most expensive hostel's in Brussels. No wifi in rooms made the common room have a atmosphere.

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Hello, Thanks for your comment ! Small lockers near the reception are made for computers or small values, but in the luggage room you'll find big boxes where you can leave few bags. As you said, no wifi in room help to create connections and atmosphere ! We wish you to live great moment within HI hostels. Agathe


Really good beds with curtains and your own power-points, nice included breakfast.

Hostel Baccarat

Nice, France

Hostel was good. No lockers in my room, just three mobile metal cages for six beds.

Dubrovnik Youth Service

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Very nice place to stay, very helpfull owner.

Hostel Marinero

Hvar, Croatia

Enjoyed staying here. Wifi in the rooms would've been better than having to stand in the hall. Very clean, loud until 2am but everyone is there to party anyway. The weirdest thing about this hostel is they positioned the first Marinero Hostel Sign down the ally way right above some old Croatian lady's apartment. She must get backpackers walking into her apartment everyday judging by they way she yelled at me haha, I think the hostel should move/change the sign for her benefit.

CroParadise Green Hostel

Split, Croatia

Was in a separate apartment to the hostel about a 2 min away. Was a really nice place to stay. Really close to old town and 5 minutes to the beach.

The Brit Hostel Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

Perfect to chill out at pre/post Croatian islands etc. Very comfortable hostel.

MEININGER Salzburg City Center

Salzburg, Austria

Only had one night here, just passing through. More of a hotel than a hostel, breakfast buffet was really good, but not included in the price.

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Hello! Thank you for your comment! We are indeed a mix of a hotel and hostel, so we do not really have a typical hostel feel. As for the breakfast - everybody has a choice in our hotel - those who want, can book the breakfast; those who prefer eating out or do not eat in the morning at all just pass the breakfast. We would be pleased to welcome you in one or our hotels again and perhaps for longer than just passing through! Best wishes Your MEININGER Salzburg Team

Hostel Olet

Prague, Czech Republic

It was okay seeing as it was very cheap compared to other hostels in Praha. It's good for one or two nights anymore I would go with a better/more expensive hostel.

All In Hostel/Hotel

Berlin, Germany

Locker broken into and communal showers with weird naked dudes. Not a fan of this hostel.

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Dear Daniel, thank you for your notice. Did you inform our front desk regarding the broken locker? We are sorry that some guests are not able to behave in a good manner.

Shelter Jordan

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Decent quiet Hostel, quite a big walk from party area's in Amsterdam.


Zurich, Switzerland

Very good hostel. Very clean and quiet. The street it's on is a little strange at night seeing as it is the red light district. Beware Zurich is extremely expensive for everything.

The Royal Bayswater Hostel

London, England

Don't expect too much seeing as this is one of the cheapest. Alright for one or two nights, any longer go somewhere with a better rating.

Studios HK

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Staying in another building from where reception was. I thought it was pretty good. Met a couple good people though was still very quiet. Causeway bay is a great location.