Reviews: Anonymous

The White Tulip Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

When I checked it I was assigned a bed that was taken, so I went to get a new assignment. This bed was also taken and one of my roommates said he just randomly picked beds so I did the same. When I came back later that day, a man was in my bed and there were no empty beds. I ended up packing my stuff up right then and leaving to find a room somewhere else. The whole place was dirty and pretty run down.

Hotel Monopole

Milan, Italy

THe location of this hotel is good if you want to be right next to the train station. If you want to be in the city center and by all the famous spots I would pick somewhere else because it took me about 20-30 minutes to walk to any of the famous stuff at a fast pace. They seemed to be doing renovations, but I was still in an older part of the hotel which was fine but outdated for the price. Also breakfast is not included.

Villa alle Rampe

Florence, Italy

The hostel was located on the edge of town, but was very nice. We arrived later than we stated at our reservation due to a missed train but the owner left us her number and she gave us a code to get in and told us where we could find our keys. Breakfast was not included.