Reviews: Suhaaaib

Location: Iraq, Gender: Male, Age: 26

Can Mocamp

Kas, Turkey

Oh my God! that was one of the best hostels i've ever seen! Everything is hand made, very nice atmosphere. You face a gorgeous marina! the rooms are super nice. Its like you stay in camp in the forest but u r totally safe. The owner of the place very helpful and he is a diving instructor. He is such a great person! he offered a lot of help to do diving and hanging out with his good friends. He is also a member of the Kas Tourism agency, he cares about offering the most censer services.


How to get to the hostel shall be updated and be more clear. It was bit complicated. More details shall be added about the rooms. Pictures shall be provided. It shall be mentioned that the bathrooms are inside the rooms and soap is not available in each bathroom.