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I stayed in a dorm room and double bed room. Both were very clean and nicely laid out. The AC worked great. Staff was friendly, but not to helpful with city directions. A lot of times I just find it difficult because of tha language barrier. The hostel was in a prime location. It was a two minute walk to the metro and we were a block from Nanjing Pedestrian Street. I walked less than 20 minutes to Peoples Square, The Bund, Shanghai Museum etc. GREAT LOCATION!!! Great club sandwich!


This hostel was really great. I think It is brand spanking new, The staff were very friendly and helpful. The food they made in house was so delicious. It is a quiet hostel, not a party scene what so ever. If you are looking to seriously unwind and relax in peace and quiet, its the place to be. It is 15 minutes to the bus station that wil take you to the base of the mountain. Just make sure their version of the mountain map is updated. Huangshan is underconstruction.

Han Tang House

Xi'an, China

Such a great hostel to come to after a long train ride. I walked in to a live band playing and a full house within the common area. People were laughing and having such a good time (It was a friday night) PS. Do not pay more than 10RMB for a Taxi. The hostel had card key entry and a buzzer during late hours. THE MOST COMFORTABLE BEDS EVER!! Great showers. Study hostel map well, can be oversimplified and tricky. Hostel in great location. Great desserts/food, butExpensive. They have VPN on comps.


This place was so beautiful and for such a great price. The staff was SO HELPFUL. I am a single traveler and they helped me find out information for my daily travels. They knew the city so well and helped me with what transporation to take. It happened to be someones birthday one night and they bought him a cake and we sang. It was so sweet and I got free cake! haha The rooms are great you get a locker. They have laundry services and desginating dry hanginh areas. THIS PLACE IS GREAT!!!

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Dear you, I won't forget the girl with great passion, big smile, the girl who went to Chengdu during a day just to see the panda, the girl went to have hot-spring in hot days(haha, just kidding), and also, great drinks together!

Guilin Central Hostel

Guilin, China

This was a very cozy hostel. I was so happy to lay my head down after my long train ride. The rooms were very spacious and I loved the that the shower was in the room. The hot water worked fantastic. I also appreciated that they had lockers you were not charged in anyway for. You just use the lock you brought. The computer service is also free. I ordered breakfast there and it was delicious. Great toast! The common area was really welcoming and relaxing, especially after a long day.Staff=awesome


Hong Kong, Hong Kong

This was such a great hostel. So clean and the staff was friendly. The hostel itself was very modern and had a lot of young travelers from all over the world. They put together pub crawls that many guests went on. You end up really getting to know the other travelers. There is a roof top and Terrace which definitely get used!!. The common area is very comfortable. They have free computer access and telephone use. The rooms were very clean and the bunk beds had privacy sheets. Shower in room.

Hong Kong Star Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

This is the worst place to stay. They have a HORRIBLE infestation of bed bugs. There are cockaroaches everywhere. The beds were smaller than twins. They fit 5 bunk beds in the smallest room. They would turn off the central switch to the AC and it would get ridiculously muggie. They said there was 24 hour security because someone sleeps in the office, but when they are sleeping anyone can walk in. The main office does not face the entry way. There are no locks on the doors. The staff doesnt care!