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Frankfurt Hostel

Frankfurt, Germany

Solid hostel for either the beginning or end of your journey located just blocks from Frankfurts main rail station.Safe, clean and with solid facilities. it is the perfect first or last trip hostile. Good value for your money- Frankfurt can be expensive. The atmosphere is relaxed- a majority of people at this hostile are as mentioned above either begging their trips or ending them in Frankfurt. Hostile events like free pasta night are great mingling opportunities. Would stay again and reccomend


Came back after an earlier stay because of price, location, and familiarity. Chain hostile with a good reputation. Staff may be a little jaded- but I would be too. Good value for a city as expensive as Paris. Pay Per Use computers but free wifi that is reliable enough for bookings but not skype. Privacy curtains and under the bed storage is a plus. Paris is not a great party or nightlife city so the hostel hosts their own. Lower floor rooms be warned. I would recommend and stay again.

Purple Nest Hostel Valencia

Valencia, Spain

Very secure location with solid security measures in place a stones throw from a vibrant market and a 30 minute walk to Calatrava's beautiful Arts and Sciences park. A bit of a bus ride to the beach but manageable. The staff however we're unbelievably rude, unpleasant and either uninformed or apathetic in helping guests make the most of their stay. Rooms and facilities were not clean at all. Worst hostel on our trip. Would not recommend.


Great hostel in a great part of the city! A short bus ride from the train station, Oasis is tucked away off a vibrant market side street blocks away from the Cathedral and a 30 minute walk up the hill to the Alambrah. Great atmosphere at the hostile - highly recommend Tapas and Flamenco tour that the region is famous for. Facilities were clean, accessible and a well priced. Granada is a great city full of history and Oasis was the perfect place to explore from. Would recommend and stay again.

Sant Jordi Sagrada Familia

Barcelona, Spain

Best hostel my wife and I have stayed in during our 3 month tour of Europe. Great facilities, location, and staff always go above and beyond to ensure that you are set for a great time in Barcelona. The pipe is a bunch of fun, there a plenty of free computers, and the movie screenings throughout the day make a relaxing environment for people to come and go. Kitchen is very well equiped with a grocery store and a fruit stand across the street. Only bad thing was staff hooking up behind front desk


Very secure hostel with a nice and reasonably priced bar (For Paris). Restrooms were very unclean and several people complained that they had woken up with lots of misquito bites. They charge for their computers and because the wifi is so poor most people break down and pay the 3.50 an hour to use them. Compared to other St Christopher's Inns- this hostel is very forgetable. Not a bad hostel but I wouldn't stay again or recommend it.

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Hi, Thank so much for taking the time to get back to us. We\'re always looking for ways to improve the experience we provide for our guests. We're sorry to to hear that your stay wasn't as expected. As you can imagine we do our best to routinely check our restrooms and we are disappointed it was not the case but assured the matter will be review so it won't happen again in the future.As for the wifi we're about to fixed it. Kind regards. St-Christopher's Team Paris.


Lockers and keycards for all dorms. Located a short walk from great sites. Staff were great. DO THE BEER TASTING AND PUB CRAWL the guys who do it are wonderful. Good Atmosphere. fairly clean communal bathrooms that strike a good balance for value. Facilities are alright. Wifi in the bar and cheap Pizza is a plus. Brugges is a MUST SEE city. Cheese, Beer, and Chocolate. Did I mention the Cheese, Beer, and Chocolate?

Hostel Slotania

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Electronic safes in rooms were awesome. A reasonable commute from most of the main sites, but manageable. The young guy who checked us in and helped us with things to do in the area was great- his female coworker in the morning was one of the worst people we´ve had to deal with in our 3 month trip. Atmosphere in the bar was good. Very clean rooms with dirty red carpet in the common area (No big deal). A Cheap place to stay in Amsterdam with pretty good wifi. Would stay again- ignore staff.


The staff are ghosts and onlu tend to be around during the monring and early afternoon. The back door was also open all night and locals tend to wander in to mingle with the young women travelers. With that said, the breakfast is generous for a hostel, the wifi is stable and the rooms are clean. If your know what you´re doing in Berlin and just need a good breakfast, wifi, and a roof over your head this is the hostel for you! If you´re interested in partying or meeting people, look elsewhere.

Muffin Hostel

Salzburg, Austria

The Muffin Hostel is a lovely place to spend a few days and explore the wonderful city of Salzburg. Unfortunately during our stay the wifi did not work, the common room computers were locked off and reserved for the students staying in the upper level according to staff. Had a full load of dry laundry was stolen out of the machine- infront of us by someone who said they were a staff member (Our fault for being gulable). Also no muffins- how sad!

Hullam Hostel

Balaton, Hungary

I ended up having to cancel my reservation due to a family emergency in Austria, the hostel staff were very helpful, polite, and understanding of the circumsances. As a Result, my review is 100% for Staff, and Good for everything else. Hope to see Balaton one day!

Hipster Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

Easy to get to, A tad bit difficult to find because of lack of signage on the outside of the building, the Hipster Hostel is a Gem that has been tucked away amoung the many hostels lining the streets of Budapest. Clean and comfortable, the hostel also boasts wifi in all areas and a large communal kitchen to help safe a few Europes. After our 4 night stay, Hipster felt like home. I would highly recommend staying here. And if you do, be sure to check out the largest Market in Budapest nearby.

Palace Hostel

Vienna, Austria

We arrived after the bus system had shut down and hiked from the main train terminal to the hostel in the dark- it was an adventure to say the least. The hostel itself has a beautiful view of the city and is perfect of a couple looking to slow down and just take a few days to relax, see the sites, and get away from the hectic pace of cities and regular travel. Would stay again and recommend.

Case Rosse

Cinque Terre, Italy

A lovely family-owned and operated apartment rental service with mutliple rooms a bit of a walk uphill from the train station. Air Con, Clean sheets, and bathrooms are a plus. A great base to explore all the villages of Cinque Terre. No lockers or kitchen but a small fridge in the room and wifi at the main office is a nice perk. Wonderful staff- just be sure to be polite. If you are rude, they have no problem being rude in turn. Would stay again.

Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

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Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

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Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

A very secure hostel near the main train station in Rome and within walking distance of all major attractions (Except the Vatican). Would stay again and encourage others to stay.


What a hostel! :Electric atmosphere, plenty of opportunities to meet other people, and a great staff. Big shout out to the chef who with a very small kitchen, handles upwards of 50 orders at a time from intoxicated and impatient people! Plenty of free computers, wifi, and 1 Euro Beers for happy hour. Best for single people.The only complaint I can think of is that they need to update their profile information so that people just go to the pick up site rather than trying to call.

ACOTEL Confort**

Avignon, France

Staff was incredible. Young man who served us breakfast spoke a number of languages fluently which helped guests feel more at home. Great chance to unwind and get re-organized after staying in hostel after hostel. Pool was refreshing and the location; although removed was perfect to get out of the tourist-packed streets and slow things down. Cinema next door and a large shopping mall with a grocery store made it the perfect place to plan out the rest of our trip and catch up on much needed sleep


Bathrooms were kind of gross, but the location was fantastic! Great place to stay in London if you aren't planning on spending much time in the hostel. Staff were hit and miss for friendliness but hey aren't we all? Felt like Home at the end of a long day. As dirty as it was it was clean where it counted- the beds. Would stay again and recommend.