Reviews: aviraj

Location: India, Gender: Male, Age: 30

The farmhouse was the highlight of my trip to Italy. The views from the property are mind-bendingly good. The staff is extremely nice and helpful. The 4-bed dorm is small but comfy - but you'll hardly be there. Common area/kitchen, outdoor seating, poolside is where you'll hang out most. But the kind of people the farmhouse attracts makes it the best experience. I skipped seeing the city in favour of relaxing at the farmhouse with new friends. Such a lovely time. I want to work there someday!

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

The Yellow was one of the highlights of my short trip to Rome. Everything was as advertised & there were no surprises. The staff is fantastic. The atmosphere at the hostel is great - especially at night when everyone is in the bar & the basement club. In hindsight, I would have liked to stay closer to the city center but The Yellow is very close to the Termini station so that was great. But if you're traveling solo or with friends, The Yellow is pretty much the best place to meet cool people.