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International Budget Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel is nice in that it offers bike rentals to get around the town and isn't far from a lot of sights by foot. The rooms were lackluster, but for the price in Amsterdam it's to be expected. Only 2 showers per floor which aren't clean but aren't disgusting either. Biggest complaint is the lockers- only 4 lockers for a 6 person room isn't very fair and they were in rough condition. But for the price and location it was a pretty awesome deal!

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Dear Meagan, We clean the showers every day. But our cleaners dont work 24 hours a day. It is also the way how guests leave the toilets or showers behind after using it. Other than that we do our very best to keep it clean. Regards, The international Budget Hostel

MEININGER Brussels City Center

Brussels, Belgium

Great and clean place in Brussels but it is a bit far away from some of the sights! The rooms wet very clean and spacious even in the 6 person room so it didn't feel too cramped. Lockers wet available but not large enough to hide your bags which is a bummer but still enough space for valuables. The place was very clean and had a bar built in which was an awesome touch!

Amistat Beach Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Great location close to the beach, but for most of the sights around the town you have to take the metro which isn't bad at all. The lockers were great- used your room key to access them which made our stuff feel a bit safer. Showers are only on one floor but there are a ton of them so you never have to wait. Overall, awesome and clean place to stay!