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Jacobs Inn

Dublin, Ireland

Very good kitchen and common rooms. Good wifi which reached our room was very convenient. The free breakfast is ok but free so can't complain! Definitely a good option when visiting Dublin!

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Thanks a million !


A really good option to stay in London. The 12 bed dorm was very very spacious but the 16 bed dorm was quite tight but still good. There was a heat wave during our visit so it was very very hot but air conditioners can't be expected in London! Delicious breakfast compared to other hostels with muesli and muffins. Current renovations can be a bit annoying at times but a minor inconvenience needed to make a better hostel. Check-in is a bit slow but in general good atmosphere.

Olga's Place

San Sebastian, Spain

Although a bit pricier, Olga's is a very nice (almost luxurious for a hostel) place to stay. Definitely a nice change from the cheaper hostels we'd been staying in. The hostel is spacious apartments which have been transformed into a hostel and are a very good option for all types of travellers going to san sebastian.

Ideal Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Ideal youth hostel has a great vibe and is good value for money. However the rooms are a bit tight.

Sandy Hostel

Rome, Italy

This is a good hostel with quite spacious rooms and good facilities. Be prepared for a lot of stairs!

Ivanhoe Hostel

Rome, Italy

Definitely a party hostel. There's something social on every night for mingling, the staff are all really cool and like to come out too. However, the bedrooms are a bit too tightly packed.

PLUS Camping Michelangelo

Florence, Italy

The showers could be better. Apart from that really good place to go for decent price. Great views, restaurant and shop. Make sure to check the directions as it's on the top of a big hill.

Green Lizard Hostel

Hvar, Croatia

There are better and cheaper options in Hvar. The bedrooms are quite packed and we had a nice enough receptionist but she was yelling/talking loudly in the morning and came into the room on her phone while making beds waking everyone up. Very annoying after a night out. Nice view however.

Hvar Out Hostel

Hvar, Croatia

Good atmosphere and staff that like to come out. Don't fall for the free shot trick at the pub every night, it's really weak!

Silver Central Hostel

Split, Croatia

Good atmosphere, nice staff and airconditioning. But there's only 1 shower per gender which blocked and got a bit annoying.

The Tent Munich

Munich, Germany

This is the best option if you're trying to save money in Munich. Comfortable beds and free small lockers but average showers and some people were blasting bad rap throughout the camping site. Consider the price of return tram tickets to the centre when booking as it's quite far away.


We were in the 5 person room which was fantastic. The restaurant business lunch is definitely worth checkin out too.