Reviews: Anonymous

Anker Hostel

Oslo, Norway

This hostel is OK. The rooms, lobby, halls etc are not that clean. The bathrooms are terrible and double as a shower, there is only 1 bathroom for 8 people rooms. You have to rent your linens which annoys me. But you cant beat the location, right in central Oslo and you can walk anywhere. Just overpriced for what it is.

Oliver St. John Gogarty

Dublin, Ireland

Not a bad hostel in a great location. The key system was really poor. 1 key per room. If someone else has it you have to knock ok the door to get in your room. Made me feel somewhat unsafe and annoying to be woken up all night. Higher rates on the weekends are not really worth it. Also circuit breaker kept shutting my rooms shower off. Free breakfast was decent.

People Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Not a bad stay. Clean and comfortable. Far from the train station but close to the ocean and some sites. They let me check in early. No room key made me a little uneasy, but great front door security.

Hostel Era

Madrid, Spain

A pretty good stay. Beds were comfy and clean. Showers were decent. Staff was friendly. Lockers were nice and sheets provided. Room was hot in the summer until I found an almost hidden aircon unit on the ceiling which kept the room cool! Breakfast was pathetic but hey it's Europe. Was also a little annoyed with the cleaning girl trying to clean rooms and make your bed an hour before check out time.

Ole Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Not to bad for the money. Great location at the familia church and subway was easy to use. 1 bathroom for 2 ten people dorms was terrible and I had to go find another one. Nice sheets were provided and there was a fan in the room. Pretty quiet as well.

Hostel Mido

Milan, Italy

This hostel isn't as horrible as people say. It must have recently undergone a renovation. The staff was nice and the room clean and comfortable. Paid for a 16 bed dorm but was only put in a 7 bed room! Had wifi and a kitchen which annoyingly closed early. Also, no lock on the bed room doors, but tight security at main entrance. Overall not bad for the price!

New Hostel Florence

Florence, Italy

Not a bad stay at all. Front desk was friendly. My dorm was in an opposite building but very safe. Decent neighborhood and close walk to train station and sights. No bunk beds was a plus. The downside is the bathrooms are tiny you can barly move around, and one per room means you could wait. Was happy with the speedy wifi, but no air conditioner in the summer makes it hot!

A&O City Hackerbruecke

Munich, Germany

Was not to pleased with this hostel. It is a total party place for extremely young crowd. Facilities were not the cleanest and the bathroom flooded as soon as the shower was turned on. The line for the front desk was extremely long. The included breakfast made it a bit better. Though its not any kind of breakfast food we would eat in the United States. The wifi was terrible! Such a slow connection that it hardly worked when others were on it.