Reviews: Anonymous

Princesa Maria

Banos, Ecuador

Victor and his staff were very friendly and accommodating. Upon check in, Victor provided us with a very detailed explanation of all the sights and fun places in Banos. He was always available to answer any questions. Even with a language barrier, it was still easy to communicate with Victor because of his extreme patience. Would highly recommend to anyone travelling to Banos!


My biggest complaint is that this place is HOT. Everywhere. The bar downstairs is steaming. The rooms upstairs are even hotter. Please invest is some fans or something because it was unbearable. The beds, bathrooms, etc were all pretty decent, but the heat ruined a lot of it. In terms of location, it's a very short walk to the metro. It's also about a mile's walk from Abbey Road, which is cool!

Albergue Juvenil Madrid

Madrid, Spain

Wow. The best place ever. The staff were beyond friendly and helpful, and the rooms were awesome, new, and clean. Bathrooms in each room were great. The entire place was so spacious, and at some points, I chilled in the hostel rather than going out because it felt nice. The computer room on the third floor was convenient, and I always found a free computer to use. Breakfast was pretty solid, and runs until 10:30 AM, which is late relative to most hostels. I loved this place.


Barcelona, Spain

The facilities were nice and I liked how it wasn't situated like a typical hostel. Felt more like a converted apartment. The location was convenient, but it was too noisy. Ventilation sucked. I was really annoyed with the parties that went on in the rooms, especially when I was trying to sleep. The owner closed down the common areas at 10 PM, which I think makes no sense at all. The staff are also extremely hard to get a hold of, and I had to wait past my check out time to get my deposit back

Prima Base Hostel

Rome, Italy

Location is not great, as you have to take the bus to the metro. Grocery store is 5-10 minute walk away. The rooms are hot, even though I had windows in my room. They should invest in mosquito repellent or something because I got bitten 12 times in my four night stay; the only 12 bites in my month-long Euro-trip. People smoking outside my window sucked because it made staying in the room even more unbearable. Shower facilities were good, but they should have more sinks/toilets.

Camping Rialto

Venice, Italy

For a campground, I thought it was awesome. There's a great atmosphere, and it's convenient that they have a bar and grocery store on-site (even though expensive). The showers/bathrooms are super new and relatively clean, so it definitely didn't have a "campground" vibe.


Berlin, Germany

The best thing about this hostel is the atmosphere. If you're a very social person, you can chat with others and drink a beer. If you're on the quiet side, you can also just chill on the couches and mind your own business. The 16-bed rooms are very spacious and were no problem at all. They'll do laundry for you for a small fee, which is convenient. The showers/bathrooms are separated by gender. Location was alright, but I got so tired of seeing "kebabs" and Turkish food.

Hostel Blue Planet

Paris, France

To be honest, I didn't feel that it was as bad as all the reviews say it is. However, it still sucked. Surprisingly, I had no problems with the staff, and I even felt a couple of them were friendly. The room was dinky though, with ONE outlet and creaky beds that are bound to collapse sooner or later. The lighting in the room was terrible, akin to that of a interrogation room. The vending machine croissants were okay on day 1, but started to taste like cardboard every day after.

Smart Hyde Park View Hostel

London, England

Check in was easy and staff was friendly. There's a bar on the ground level, and a more typical common area one floor down. The one downstairs has books and a TV with a good amount of tables to use. You'll probably have to use the common area because the rooms are so hot. The ventilation sucks. The beds were comfy though, and there are privacy curtains which no one used because no one wanted to suffocate to death. The water pressure from the shower was weak, and the bathroom was kinda old/smelly