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Location: Argentina, Gender: Male, Age: 28

Al-Andalus Hostel

Granada, Spain

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5 min walking from SacreCour. Less than 3 min walking from the nearest Metro station. Kitchen seemed with anything you could need. Bedroom with bathroom and shower in separate rooms, which was nice, although the shower was a keep-pushing-the-damn-button-for-the-water thing. Breakfast, though pretty small, was good enough: coffee + croissant, juice, cereal and bread with jam/butter. Pretty standard but enough.

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Thank your very much for your email! The thing about the showers is to help our mother earth save water.

Lybeer Travellers' Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Stayed there only for one night. Bed was great. Only one shower for the entire floor (3/4 bedrooms, 6/8 people in each one). The comments are true, the stairs are terrible. They seem to go on forever, but it's expected as the building is old. But keep them in mind... In fact, I left my stuff in the reception just so I wouldn't carry it all the way up.

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Forever is a bit far fetched since there's only 3 stairs. We are located in the medieval city centre of Bruges, this is how stairs look like here. Why would stairs be such an issue anyway for young people, come on! Rooms are amazing, hostel is supercool.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Although this is a CHRISTIAN hostel, you are not forced to join in the religion activities. The people are great, and the location is excellent, just a few steps from the red light district, city centre and 10-15 min walking from the central train station. Bathrooms are not the cleanest I've seen, but good enough. The best is the open patio where you can have breakfast. Keep in mind the bar doesn't sell alcohol and you are not allowed to have any from outside either. But the place is great.

Three Little Pigs Hostel

Berlin, Germany

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Art Hole Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Great location, halfway between the city centre and the main bus station. Just 5 blocks from the city centre, and even less to the nearest bars. Just across the street you can get a beer for 28 crowns! The place is great, loved the art decoration everywhere, even in the bathroom. The terrace is small and not very pretty, but good enough. Breakfast relly simple, coffee, tea, toasts with different jams and not much more. Overall great and would love to go back!

Do Step Inn

Vienna, Austria

It's right around the corner from the Train Station, which is great. But it's a 20-30 min walk to the city centre, which is not good. You can take the metro right in the train station, but if you think of walking all the way, it's not such a good idea. Overall the room was good and big enough for the 8 of us.


Big hotel + hostel. Big, huge, rooms, with nice showers. Big common area but few charis/sofas. Bar looked cool but didn't go there.

Volturno House

Rome, Italy

The building needs some work, it's pretty ruined. It was a 2nd floor only stairs, but at least they were expecting me when I arrived at 23 hs. Not the most clean place, but it wasn't that bad either. They say the accept Credit Card, but in fact they don't.

Ostello Corniglia

Cinque Terre, Italy

Everything is true. There is lockout and I think there was curfew as well. Its greatly located in Corniglia, but the village is far from the train station, so you might want to reconsider. They were cool enough to let me stay an extra night in a folding bed.

Ostello Tramonti

Cinque Terre, Italy

The bad is that it's in the middle of nowhere. up the mountain. But they have a shuttle to and from Cinque Terre, so that's not so bad. Rooms were clean, good bed.


Florence, Italy

Close to the station, but 3rd floor only stairs. Good bed, good shower.

Locanda Daniel

Florence, Italy

Good bed, good shower, close to the train station. Plus the dominican guy that runs it can give you info on anything you need.

Ostello S. Fosca

Venice, Italy

When I arrived there was nobody there (22 hs), so make sure to check your confirmation email because there they send you a code to open the door.


Interlaken, Switzerland

Stayed there just for one night. Beds ok. Shower great, big room and nice pressure Downside, 2nd floor, only by stairs (no elevator). Other than that, nice stay.

The Tent Village

Interlaken, Switzerland

During my stay it was cold and it rained. So being in a tent is not the best thing in the world. When it was cold, it was really cold inside as only the main tent has heating. However they provide warm blankets so I was never cold while sleeping. Each tent has so many beds, and the bathrooms and showers are in the common area (main tent), where the bar and the coffee machine is (coffee machine = hot water + coffee). Swimming pool and hot tub were there, and we even had a party with a live band.

Hostel Baccarat

Nice, France

Best of all, spaghetti party! Spaghetti + wine for just 2 euros. Great meal. Also there was a champagne party but I missed it. The hostel is very close to the train station so going to Cannes or Montecarlo is super easy. And it's just a 10-15 min walk to the beach. My room had AC, so it was never hot, but the wifi didn't work as well in the room as it did downstairs.

Somnio Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

The hostel has a great location, two blocks from Las Ramblas, and within walking distance of the beach. The bed was comfortable and the room had working AC and lockers big enough to put a backpack. The only drawback was that it doesn't have any sort of common area, and no kitchen at all. But other than that it was great, and the staff always ready to help to plan my day. All in all, great comfotable stay, but lacks the common space to meet new people.