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NY Moore Hostel

New York, USA

The hostel is in a zone that doesn't look very good, but at the same time is pretty safe. The staff is friendly and helpful. My room was small, but with only 3 beds, so it was nice. For the price, I think it is definitely worth it. If you want to explore Brooklyn or Manhattan, it is a good place.


It is a nice place for the money you pay.


I think for the money you pay, is a nice option.

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Hey Thank you for reviewing us! Nice to hear you enjoyed our lovely hostel, hopefully we will see you again soon :)

Ethic Etapes Dijon

Dijon, France

A good place to stay if you are going to Dijon. Decent free breakfast, free wifi, clean, no kitchen, and a not very good location. But is good value for money.

Chalet Martin

Gryon, Switzerland

I had a really nice stay in Chalet Martin. Although the four days I stayed there, it was cloudy and somentimes raining, I could feel relaxed and in a very calm and beautiful place. Merlin and his mother are very kind, they even invited me to eat pizza with the family. They have pool, ping pong, xbox, free wifi, computers, cleanliness and a lot of things more. The only bad is that my room didn't have a lock. I hope someday I can return to see the non-cloudy landscapes. Thanks for everything!

Twins Minbak Hostel

Lucerne, Switzerland

Cheap for Switzerland, they have computers for free, free wifi on the rooms, kitchen, free maps, a lot of information, but in Korean, and a lot of Korean people. They only have one toilet and one shower for 12 people. Is not very near from the city center, but not very far. Maybe the atmosphere is not the best, but is a good place to stay if you are going to Lucern.

Hostel California

Milan, Italy

I only stayed there one night. Breakfast is not included, is not very far from train station, you cant lock your room, so everyone can enter, bathrooms smell worse than train toiletes, but beds are clean. They have a kitchen, that is good. They also have internet, but only on the reception, so you have to stay near, and there is no place to sit, only the floor. Is not a perfect hostel, but I think is good for the money you pay.

Bassetto Guesthouse

Florence, Italy

If you are looking for a hostel with all the facilities and comodities, you wont find it. But if you want to spend a relly great time, this is the hostel. Is like if you and the other guests were a family, you always finish talking to the other person and meeting everyone. The location is a little bit far from the train station, but at the same time it makes very calm. And there is one bad thing... MOSQUITOS! They willeat you mercilessly! But everything else is good enough to have a good time!

Ostello Olimpico Vicenza

Vicenza, Italy

It is an average hostel. Good location, enough showers, free wifi. But there is one thing, the breakfast is terrible!! I ate just because it was free, but I mean, if it would cost 20 cent I wouldnt have bought it. And all the kitchen smells like butter, i dont know why. Everything else was okay.

Hostel ROOM Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

For the price I think is a nice hostel. They have free wi fi, a bar, a friendly dog, nice soundtrack and a lot of interesting people. The only thing that I dindnt like was that everything in my room was verey old.

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Thanks for your feedback! Great to hear you enjoyed your stay. But, oh no…you didn’t like the ‘old things’ in our Board Room?? Oops, we re-styled this room quite recently and it was actually meant to be an old style Board Room, hihi…So yes, we bought an antique table, old chandeliers and vintage chairs! Well, probably all just a matter of taste. I really hope you will visit us again someday and are happy to book you in one of our other theme-rooms! I’m pretty sure you’ll like it!

Sleep Well Youth Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

It is a very mdern hostel, not far from the sights. In my room we had our own toilet and showers. That was very confortable. In general, for the price is a very nice hostel.

Smart Hyde Park Inn Hostel

London, England

El hostel esta no tan bien ubicado, pero puedes ir a pie a ver lo mas importante de la ciudad. El lugar esta muy chico y las habitaciones igual. De todos los lugares en los que he estado, ha sido el de los cuartos mas pequenos. EL wi fi es gratis, pero es el mas lento que haya conocido la humanidad. El staff no es el mas amable que hay, pero pueden darte informacion si la necesitas. Estar en este hostel no fue una pesadilla, pero habiendo otros, preferiria no volverme a hospedar ahi.