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Hostel GoodMo

Budapest, Hungary

This is a good hostel -- well-located in southern Pest, near to lots of things. The lockers under the beds are big and lockable. It has a large kitchen and the toilets seemed more than adequate. it also sounded like the hostel organised a lot of events, though I missed them. They offer a laundry service, but it took a little longer than I was told to get it done when I used it -- no idea if they were having a bad day or not!

Patio Hostel

Bratislava, Slovakia

Bratislava is not a very big town, but this hostel still has a nice location -- directly opposite a big Tesco supermarket. The beds are solid and non-squeaky and have good, large lockers for your things. it attracts the usual crowd.

Pink Panther's Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Slightly disappointing -- the internet here was not very good, the lockers in the dorm were not big enough to hold anybody's things -- meaning they were left all over the floor, behind a door which leads straight into the common room (which was shut down and everyone kicked out of before midnight!) and so was not always kept locked. it is right in the middle of town, though, and the staff were obliging. incidentally, the google maps location is wrong and it is further down :)

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Hello Robert, Thank you for your comment :) unfortunately, we had some wifi issues this week, but fortunately it is all back to normal now with proper wifi coverage in all rooms. Lockers are designed for valuable, expensive items. Your backpacks can be kept under the bed or put in our secure luggage storage room. We hope you enjoyed your stay in Poland and wish you safe travels. Cheers Claudia.

Hostel Oki Doki

Warsaw, Poland

This is a very good hostel -- central location, good bar included, non-dodgy internet, very helpful staff, *big* lockers in the rooms. beware if you are coming by coach as the station "zachodnia" is miles to the west and the way to the bus station is difficult to find if you don't speak Polish!

Hostelgate Privates

Vilnius, Lithuania

This is a nice, small hostel. It's a little difficult to get to, but the bus station is a long way from the centre so that can't be helped. They have a laundry service and the staff will be able to help you get the best out of Vilnius :) The beds are a little squeaky, which is unfortunate if one of your dormmates is feeling amorous.


This is an excellent hostel -- very close to the bus station and also to everything else! It is kind of large, and mostly dorms [over several floors], but the beds are sound, and there are several levels of lock. They will offer you a shot of black liquor when you arrive -- be sure to accept! the staff will also be able to set you up with whatever you want to do in Riga, and their recommendations were all solid.

GIDIC Backpackers

Tallinn, Estonia

The dorms are a little weird -- they're an [even lower] rent version of Japanese capsule hotels, which worked out well for me, but claustrophobes should beware! The hostel is also small, so it can feel quite crowded, but if you find things to do in Tallinn this shouldn't be a problem.

CheapSleep Helsinki

Helsinki, Finland

This is a good hostel. The dorm is big, but they do a good job of shielding beds off from each other, although the beds do squeak. There is a kitchen, which is well-used. The showers are rather small but decent, and there could be more toilets. Everything else is in one big noisy room, and the 11 o'clock quiet time is neither respected nor enforced. If you are coming here by train, I recommend getting off at Pasilla, rather than Helsinki main station, as this knocks a couple of km off.

City Hostel - Central Station

Stockholm, Sweden

This is a very pleasant hostel. Even though I slept in the dorm, I slept well - linen is rented, though. The hygienic facilities are good also, and the kitchen is fully available during the day. Wifi is free and good. Very central location, good for railway and bus station (to ferryport). the convenience store next door is adequate but there is a supermarket nearby at a metro station. atmosphere generally was peaceful during my stay.

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Appreciate you dropped some lines man :-) /Sara - Staff member

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

I was just passing through for one night, but this seemed like a very good hostel. They have a well-stocked bar, full of americans and colonials. dormroom was fine -- a little loud because of some americans outside going on and on about college applications, but if you don't have to get up early the next morning that's fine. pizza and beer was good, have to pay for internet. good location close to railway station.

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Hi R, Internet is free, just like us on Facebook ;-) Kind regards, M, Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Bed'nBudget Cityhostel

Hannover, Germany

Hostel is in the upper floors of a hotel. Was very quiet when I was there - good since i was sleeping there en route to somewhere else. It was very good for this, being close to the railway station and also cheap. That's about it.

A&O Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof

Karlsruhe, Germany

The hostel is literally just next to the station -- very useful if you are in Karlsruhe just on the way to somewhere else. The hostel is very cheap, and this is because they charge for internet and bedding which takes it back up to the usual price -- this is useful to know if you are just in transit because then you can take full advantage of this. Otherwise, it's a fairly decent hostel. Karlsruhe is not exciting, so don't expect it to be. Overall, very good for what it is, especially the staff.

BaseCamp Bonn

Bonn, Germany

It really is a warehouse full of vehicles, in a warehouse district. Not what I like, but I suppose some people go for it. It was cheap, however, and there were not many people there when I was there, so I got a whole dorm [well, train compartment] to myself. Sanitary facilities are adequate. Staff suggested I leave my belongings in my room, which is unlockable. Understand they are still opening, so this may all change. Decent connections to central Bonn. Staff were very helpful.

International Budget Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I gather the hostels in Amsterdam are similar, so this is in comparison to other European hostels. The room was rather small, and I hit my head several times on one of the decorative beams on the low ceilings. They also charge quite a lot for weekends. They have no special facilities [except the ganja room, but this is Holland] and the showers are not so good -- poor light, high guest/shower ratio. The weather was hot while I was there, and they are not well equipped to deal with it.

  • 12th Jun 2013
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Generator Hostel Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

This is an excellent hostel! Literally just next to the Hauptbahnhoff, when I arrived it was very busy and full of people from all over the world. The room itself was good, as hostels go, with good washing/toilet facilities. but the real draw is the atmosphere. only qualm was the security: the lockers were rather small and so one cannot lock eg a whole suitcase away. be aware that atmosphere' is also, to some degree, a euphemism for 'noise' :)

  • 9th Jun 2013
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