Reviews: Anonymous

Youth Hostel Plakias

Crete, Greece

Loved my time there and would have easily enjoyed spending more time there. Definitely one of the better hostels I have stayed in. You had everything needed, nice facilities, with the best vibe ever to attract awesome people. Thanks!

Chillout Hostel Cafe

Istanbul, Turkey

Suits the name very well! The staff are all excellent. I happened to be staying right during the Taksim Square protests and was there when the police were teargassing the streets and the staff were extremely accommodating explaining everything, handing out masks if you wanted them..lemon of you needed it, etc. The hike up to the terrace room is 7 floors and intense. Bathroom/showers are small but avg. Clean bedsheets. Right next to the nightlife. Bring earplugs for the morning construction.

Sydney Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

I really liked this hostel a lot! If you are looking for a place with a bed where the staff is active about keeping the place quiet you have found it here(just go 1 min down the street to party and meet ppl and even dance..then come back to sleep). The staff were super chill...on our third night they had no problem letting a small group of us hang out and party a bit on the terrace (with a great view of the ocean)...they also let me have breakfast after it closed:). Their English is ok (> averag