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The Backpackshack

London, England

This hostel is chalk full of character. Set up over a bar, and run by an awesome local named Derick, the backpack shack won't disappoint. It's not a hotel, but is quite acceptable by hostel standards, plus the added fact that Derick truly cares about his guests. A friend and I, arriving late from travel, ended up not staying a night we had scheduled with Derick, essentially hanging him out to dry, and he refused to take our money for that evening! I had to force the rent on him later!

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You were a gentleman Sir, hope the travels through Scotland and Scandinavia went well for you...

Barnacles Temple Bar House

Dublin, Ireland

Location right next to Temple Bar is killer! Really easy to get just about anywhere in Dublin, bathroom shared with room instead of floor, and outlets for each resident staying. Not a hotel, but excellent for a hostel.