Reviews: Anonymous

Goodnight Vondelpark

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great stay! Wonderful private place! Very clean.

Circus Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Good luck sleeping. All the doors slam! Doors do not close gently ever. We had to try and stay up later just so more ppl were in bed and less going in and out. Even doors down the hall could be heard slamming. Had to sleep with earplugs. Very clean, great staff, nice breakfast, good beds and very secure.

Antico Capon

Venice, Italy

Very good location! Owner very nice and helpful. Directions on hostel world perfect. Very quiet. Nice big bed. Clean sheets but that is where the cleanliness ends. Dust literally everywhere. Like years of dust everywhere. Affordable and I would stay here again.

Archi Rossi Hostel

Florence, Italy

No air conditioning here. Do not go in July... not a good idea. They say they have AC but it is more of a hot fan than anything. Staff very helpful. Cool water and drinks for good price. All major sites within walking distance. Clean with buffet free breakfast. Great place to stay. Met some very nice ppl. Quiet at night. No escape from the heat.

Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

The main receptionist during the day time was just amazing and helpful. The manager was always there to help and fix as the AC stopped working. The place made me feel like all they wanted to do was help. Fighting for the one bathroom per floor was challenging however as one shower one toilet and one sink all in one location where about 12 ppl had to share a little annoying when ppl take 45 min showers and u need to pee in the morning.

Athens Backpackers

Athens, Greece

Afternoon receptionist awesome and so helpful. One brunette lady morning shift late twenties not very helpful or nice. Confusion between staying in the studio or the other location so if you book you might have to walk more to get to other spot. Right next to all major sites. Paper thin walls, I could hear every person walk up the stairs. Bring earplugs, especially if the rowdy Aussie drinkers show up and are really loud until all hours of the night next door. However met some really amazing ppl

Blue Sky Villa

Santorini, Greece

We actually stayed next door at owners mother's hotel because she was over booked. Her mother a bit of a pill but owner of blue sky very nice, helpful, and in control. Lots of rowdy Aussies partying but relatively quiet. Private room with own patio. Great location of 5 to 10 minute walk to the beautiful Fira sunset and shopping.

Hotel Delfini

Athens, Greece

Great location directly across from the ferry boats. Own air conditioning. Wonderful family owned Greek hotel. Not the cleanest or nicest building...old and run down. Quiet and cheap. Great food, make sure you try owner's tzatziki!

HelloBCN Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Very close to metro. We had our own room so out of the noisy downstairs partying. The front desk would not turn our air conditioning on until 10pm even though it said we could just ask and they would turn it on. However it stayed on rest of time there. Good security. Free breakfast of bread jam Nutella and good coffee. I would recommend. Good location.


Great Korean family owned hostel. Free breakfast and free Korean dinner everyday. Owners very helpful and kind. Hostel out of the city but only short walk to metro. Great value for money and creates a fun welcoming atmosphere for people to socialize.

Youth Hostel Van Gogh (Chab)

Brussels, Belgium

Clean, safe, close to the metro, free breakfast, and great staff. Cons: shared showers, beds really thin, paper thin walls between rooms, no elevator and was given 3rd floor, breakfast adequate, and no Internet in rooms only near front office.