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Steffi's Hostel Heidelberg

Heidelberg, Germany

Really amazing location. So close to the train station and an easy walk to old town and the university. Nice kitchen and bathrooms, and comfortable beds.

Aloha Hostel

Paris, France

The rooms are really clean and big. The kitchen is also really clean and the breakfast is nice. You can only use the wifi in the reception area, which is not that big of a deal. GREAT location. The walk to the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Notre Dame are really easy and only take 30 minutes of so, less for the tower...We barely used the metro. The only bad thing is the showers are actually ice cold. So cold that I showered once my whole stay because it was that freezing. Overall, it was great!

Barbieri Sol Hostel

Madrid, Spain

This hostel was pretty great. There was a problem with our room when we checked in and they found us another room at the other location right away. Really great location. The bathroom ran out of toilet paper a few times but overall a really clean place. Good breakfast. Make sure you ask them to turn the AC on in your room though otherwise it's way too hot to sleep.

Ideal Youth Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

This hostel is fine. We only stayed there for one night because we couldn't get another night at our other hostel. Great location but they turn off the WiFi at 2 am which is hard for travelers like me who need WiFi to contact people to meet up.

INOUT Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

This hostel was kind of far from the city center but really quick and easy to get there by metro. The hike up the hill with all of your luggage is NOT a fun one, but with no stuff it's fine. They have a bar and a restaurant there which is great for meeting people and partying at night. A nice pool and really good breakfast.


The hostel is a little far from the city, about 20 minutes by bus, but it's easy to get there. No WiFi which is a little inconvenient and the bathrooms weren't the cleanest, but the bedrooms were clean and big lockers for your stuff. Nice breakfast.

Tourist House Santa Croce

Florence, Italy

We stayed in one of the apartments. The location was amazing. Really close to the Duomo and other main things. We had a pretty nice courtyard and a living room. Our bathroom did run out of toilet paper, but it's a private apartment not the main hostel and cheap to by at a stores close by. Overall great stay!

Hotel Basilea Dipendenza

Venice, Italy

Really good location. Close to the train station, the Rialto, and even Piazza San Marco as long as you don't get lost in Venice! Good breakfast. Nice staff. Rooms and bathrooms clean.