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Saphaipae Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

more of a Hotel than a Hostel... I mean, its HUGE, and a lot of people are there... yet no one interacts or talks. No planned events for socializing, etc. Very clean tho. Staff not very interested in guests and don't know much about the city or things in general. A big Hotel for backpackers; if you're looking for solo time, this can be the place, but if you're looking for a good time I suggest elsewhere. Oh, also ts very difficult to find cabs that will be you to and from this place.

Lub d Bangkok Siam Square

Bangkok, Thailand

1st hostel when arriving in Thailand and Bangkok and its perfect for getting used to the country. VERY clean and safe place.. Met a great bunch of people to have drinks with. I must however say the staff is not fully ''honest'' when it comes to pricing for activities and means of transportation (ex: they said 850B for the bus to Chang Mai and at the station they are about 750 and we bargained to 720; on their club night they were supose to pay for the cabs back but didnt) Overall a good place.

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Thank you very much for staying with us. we thank you for taking your valuable time to write a review for us.For the bus ticket to Chiang Mai, the tour desk staff doesn't get the ticket at a discounted rate but the list price. Their cost is the same as yours. To cover their administration cost and make small profit, they added a small fee on top.We hope that this practice is reasonable.As for the club crawl fee we have reduced the fee and will cover only joining fee (ice-breaking game).