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Location: Australia, Gender: Male, Age: 32

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

This hostel really has to be one of the most over-rated hostels I've ever stayed at (and I've stayed at many!). It's resting on the fact that they've won a few awards, and now just seems to have a "you should be lucky to stay here" attitude. The staff seem to be reluctant to serve their guests, often moody and just generally unhappy, and any request seemed like a chore. You'll meet some great travellers here, and the location and facilities are good. It's the staff attitude that lets it down.

Louvre Youth Hostel

Paris, France

You get what's listed. A basic bed, in a basic hostel with a good location at a good price. Don't expect anything else. I will say that their key policy is ridiculous. Each dorm room has ONE key for the room - the key is left with the last person in the room. Surely there's a better system than that.

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"A basic bed, in a basic hostel with a good location at a good price" all we pretend for the 1st, the oldest & the BEST LOCATED HOSTEL of PARIS... as informed 1 resident card per person & 1 key per room to share with your roomate !


London, England

A good hostel in a great location. Particularly good for gay travellers, as it's located in the middle of the gay area of London. Clean and spacious rooms, albeit a little sterile in atmosphere. Building seems like a huge boarding school or hospital, but the common areas are a lot of fun and very social. The staff seem to be a little incompetent though. The lines for checking in were ridiculously long, and the staff must have all been trainees, as they were unable to use their computers well.


Good location. Great for travellers looking to spend most of their time at Waikiki beach!!

ITH Zoo Hostel San Diego

San Diego, USA

A great hostel run by some wonderful staff. They were incredibly warm and welcoming, and made sure that everyone had a great time. The meals provided were an awesome bonus, and it was a fantastic gesture by the hostel to put these dinners on as a way of encouraging guests to meet and socialise with each other. Thanks for a brilliant stay!

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Reuben! It was so wonderful to have you stay with us! We're so glad you enjoyed all the meals and activities we put on to bring everyone together! We're always working on keeping things as clean and fun and adventurous as possible for all our guests! We hope every time you need a get away from LA, you'll come back to see us at ITH!

Bendigo Hotel

Melbourne, Australia

This is the most ridiculously dirty hostel I've ever seen. There was food, rubbish, clothes, plates, mugs and crockery all over the dorm room, bathroom and common room. Basically, long termers have taken over the dorms and common areas with their disgusting mess. It's no where near a traditional hostel, so don't go there expecting to see what you'd get everywhere else.

Studio Eleni

Mykonos, Greece

It's not really a "hostel" but more of a studio accommodation. I was placed in a room away from the main facility, which was fine, but for two days I did not have ANY hot water, and for the entire stay, there was NO internet or wifi AT ALL. I was told to go to the main building to get wifi, despite the booking site saying there were wifi facilities. Saying this, it is in the centre of Mykonos town for a decent price, so if you're after somewhere to sleep and rest up, it's a good place.

Villa Manos

Santorini, Greece

This place is great - it's not a typical hostel though. For couples of friends that are travelling to Santorini for a nice chilled out holiday, it's brilliant. Villa Manos is more like a relaxed hotel, which is great considering the cost. The staff are so incredibly warm and welcoming, and the airport / ferry transfer is so convenient. The rooms are really big - they're pretty much private villas, with really super comfortable beds. It's not in the centre, but definitely worth checking out.

Central Station Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

This hostel was a joke. Apart from the ridiculous stairs (don't consider this place if you're a female with a suitcase), I woke up to have NO WATER for half a day - no toilet, no shower, NOTHING, due to plumbing issues. The cost is insane, considering what you get, and there's no common area / social space.

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

A very clean, superbly maintained hostel in an excellent location. Close to the station, right next to the main strip of shops and restaurants, and the staff are awesome. It's a very modern hostel, with good beds, toilets and shower facilities. Definitely recommend staying here - it's one of the best hostels that I've stayed in through Europe.

Big Fish Budapest Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

This one is a mixed bag. It's a very small and cosy hostel, which is more like a house, but the vibe is great. Perfect place for solo travelers. Saying that, the staff are so mixed - some are awesome, and some need to get a new job cause they clearly hate it so much. We woke up to a bat flying in our room, and apparently the overnight staff member knew about it but did nothing. Some of the others had issues with people sleeping in the wrong beds, but apart from that, it's a good hostel!


Great location, in the middle of Chelsea (the gay area), and easy to get to. Don't book a room for two people unless you know the other person - the beds are pretty much touching each other, which can make it awkward if you're not comfortable with the other person. Nice but basic common area with good internet facilities. It's not a traditional "youth hostel" in fact there are really HEAPS of slightly, umm, "interesting" older people staying here. Read into that how you may...

USA Hostels San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

A big and friendly hostel. A little bit of a trek to get to, but not impossible. The staff are very welcoming and there's a great social vibe here - good for the solo traveler. Beds are comfortable, and it's an easy place to sleep.