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Treasure State Hostel

Bozeman, USA

Above and beyond... So my bus into Bozeman was 12 plus hours late, hostel girl (Nina), offered to pick me up (at 3am). Station I'm getting off at changes to the next town over (thanks greyhound), no prob, still a ride on offer. Then taken out drinking with her friends the next night (great fun), none of this was expected, but very much appreciated. Also, for anyone interested, this was one of the cleanest hostels I've stayed in yet (and I've stayed on a lot).

HotelHotel Hostel

Seattle, USA

Great hostel. It's clean, staff are friendly/helpful, and it has a good vibe as well. Location isn't the best, but still a solid thumbs up all round from me :)

Cambie Hostel - Gastown

Vancouver, Canada

Great staff, good vibe. Most people I met here were staying long term, which made for a particularly friendly atmosphere. Only negative was the heat (or lack thereof). My room's heater and the one in the common room were either broken or useless (freezing at night). Apart from that though, thumbs up all round from me :)


great vibe to the place with super friendly staff (and the shuttle to the train station is always going, more than making up for the location). Facilities are lacking (more than one cold shower while there), and I'd suggest asking for a room away from their hallway speakers (unless you're a really early riser) as they play really loud music in the mornings making it impossible to sleep in some rooms, but overall, a solid thumbs up from me :)

The Philadelphia House

Philadelphia, USA

Great vibe to the place, thumbs up all round from me :)

Duo Housing DC

Washington DC, USA

Only real problem I had was it's on a street where the trucks start going past pretty early in the morning (if you're in a dorm room facing the street, it makes it pretty hard to get a good nights sleep). Overall though, still a thumbs up from me all round :)

HI Baltimore

Baltimore, USA

Cheap, with an excellent vibe. Thumbs up all round...

Q4 Hotel

New York, USA

A nice vibe all round. Their only real weak point were their bathrooms/showers which were on the dodgy side of cramped)

Astor Queensway

London, England

Large number of permanent residents that all know each other living there, which makes for a particularly relaxed and friendly vibe in the common area at almost all times of the day or night which I quite liked...

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We pride ourselves on the positive vibe of the guests and staff :) we're glad you enjoyed yourself ;)

MEININGER London Hyde Park

London, England

A little disorganized (kept changing my room around day to day), but apart from that, a very good hostel. Though try and avoid it there Saturday night (they jack the prices way up then).

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Hey, we are sorry that you have to change the room, but we have also groups in our house and they always have to be on the same floor. Nevertheless, thanks for your nice comment and hope to see you soon in one of our Meiningers! Your M team


Only real problem I had was the bed lights in the rooms have a very high pitched hum coming from them, similar to what you get from one of those really old TV sets. (It changes pitch, but doesn't go away if you turn them off). Most people in the dorm couldn't hear it, but those of us that could found it very difficult to get any sleep...