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Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

We really enjoyed staying here. The staff is super friendly, and everything is really laid back. The accommodations are better than I expected - there's a group kitchen, and everyone seems to do a good job of cleaning up after themselves. Getting there is kind of a pain, because you have to take the hostel shuttle, and then take the train, which doesn't always have the same schedule. The room was a little damp and musty, but so cute and cozy that we didn't really mind!

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Thank you so much for your comment. It has been raining a bit lately so that explains the damp and musty caravan but we'll be keeping an eye out and do whatever we can to avoid this. Greetings from all of us!!

Camping Village Il Poggetto

Florence, Italy

Overall, a bit disappointing. Mostly things you'd expect from a "camping village" and a cheap one, like dirty facilities, damp rooms, lots of bugs. The bus ride is between 45 minutes to an hour, and the shuttle doesn't have consistent hours, nor does it always make the same stops, so always ask before you go somewhere! Also the "free" pool requires a shower cap, which you can "conveniently" buy from the hostel, and you have to be out of the room at 9am, even if you're not checking out.

Affittacamere The Tramp

La Spezia, Italy

We were a bit thrown off by the room being in an apartment building, but once we saw it, we were delighted. It was basically a regular hotel room, and so much nicer than the hostels we'd been staying at. Well worth the extra expense! Plus we were given clean towels for no extra cost, free breakfast (croissant and coffee), and were allowed to store our luggage. And the staff was super friendly. I can't think of anything I didn't like about it.