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Sky Backpackers

Dublin, Ireland

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Daisy Apartment

Rome, Italy

Make sure you are aware that you check it at the Cecil Hotel down the street not the daisy apartment building. We were unaware of thus but thankfully the Internet cafe staff across the street pointed us in the correct direction. No complaints, fantastic place!

Affittacamere Stella Cinque Terre

Cinque Terre, Italy

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I thought that the hostel was quite nice for the price I paid. I appreciated the availability of a female only dorm room. One thing I wish I had been aware of ahead of time was the small size of the room. I was very grateful to the staff for allowing me to keep my luggage in the storage room for a few hours after checking out. Overall, I had a good experience here and believe this was the best place in London I could have asked to stay. I wasn't crazy about the price, but it was good for London.

Central Hostel

London, England

The staff was friendly, but I was disappointed to learn that there was no internet access in the hostel or in the area. When I arrived and climbed upstairs to get to my room, the first person I ran into was a middle aged man in his underwear walking out of the bathroom. Later that night, I tried to use the women's bathroom and knocked on the door to get in. A man responded, saying "come in". This was my personal experience but this place came off as creepy to me. No lockers in rooms either :(